Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TV Isn't Real

Have you ever noticed that women always have natural (meaning no epidural) births on TV? What's that all about? I can't think of one TV birth where the woman wasn't comfortably numb. 

Now, I'm neither pro or anti epidural. I just think that's not an accurate representation of births today. 


Shelley said...

here here! (or is it hear hear....)

sara said...

I don't even like the birthing of my own children so I avoid any tv show that has someone else in the birthing process. I would prefer that the stork deliver my children to me when I get to the hospital. Pro-epidural all the way. I would get an epidural as soon as the positive pregnancy test came back if I could.

Connie said...

It would lack the drama of giving birth if the mother could relax with an epidural. Screams sells! :)

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