Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Round 3 and Some Letters, Cuz I Multitask Like That

Dear Blender-
You're the worst! By your very name one could assume you blend things together, but the smoothie I just ate (you can't drink chunks of fruit) would suggest otherwise. The only reason you haven't been thrown away is cuz I'm cheap and I refuse to spend $100 on something as simple as a blender. That's just ridiculous.

Dear 24 Hour Fitness
Um, if my membership were going to expire, do you think maybe you could give me a week or two notice? Instead of telling me as I go in one day that it's over and I can't work out? Yeah, awesome customer service on that one. But hey, you're still better than Gold's Gym on that front so...that's something.

And now---round three.
Kevin Arnold vs. Guy Patterson
Steve Young vs. Hugh Jackman
Harry Potter vs. Brian Mills (Taken)
Michael Buble vs. Gene Kelly
Ferris Bueller vs. Jack Callahan (While You Were Sleeping)
Emmett Cullen vs. Gilbert Blythe

I personally think this is the easiest round. I really hope you guys don't disappoint me and pick Harry over Brian cuz that's just wrong.


Lara Neves said...

But I don't know who Brian Mills is, so I'll just not vote on that one. :)

Hugh Jackman
Gilbert Blythe
Gene Kelly

Adam and Lisa said...

Nice, super good choices!!!
Guy Patterson
Hugh Jackman
Harry Potter (haha, sorry!)
Gene Kelly
Jack Callahan
Man, the last one is totally the hardest. I think I'd have to go for Gilbert Blythe (helps that he has better taste in girls).

Sara Waldron said...

I'm constantly disappointed in my blender too. And now for my vote:
-Guy Patterson
-Steve Young
-Not a huge fan of either, but to make you happy I'll go with Brian Mills. :)
-Tough!! I'll go with Gene Kelly though since I've grown up loving him.
-Jack Callahan
-Gilbert Blythe

Pat said...

Kevin Arnold (showing my age)

Steve Young (I was a freshman when he was a senior, and once he walked past me in the Canyon Center, I know could you just die?)

Harry Potter

Gene Kelly

Ferris Bueller ( I just saw Matthew Broderick on BYU tv in the music man, I don't know where I have been to not have seen this sooner, do I live under or rock or something?)

Gilbert Blythe (there is not other choice than this. ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK. Diana gets her name from this book)

Fun game. Sorry about your work out.

Pat said...

Hmm that was strange because it didn't post me as nutty hamster chick. Must not be logged in the right way. But you know who I am, right?

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Gilbert and Emmett for sure!

Sorry about the blender thing. You oughta just go to DI.
Can you get one from there that is worse than yours?

Melanie Jacobson said...

All right, once again, I don't know some of these folks. I'll try:

Hugh Jackman
Gene Kelly
Ferris Bueller

Um, those are the only ones where I know both parties involved, but I'm going to go ahead and guess Gilbert wins his match up every time.

CB said...

You are funny!
Hey I just bought a $20 blender for smoothies at Wal-mart and it is great. I figure if it breaks it's 20 bucks.

OK Round 3 -

Still Kevin Arnold
Hugh Jackman (this was hard for me but have you seen Jackman's abs!!)
Brian Mills definately
Gene Kelly (I never got into Buble)
Jack Callahan but only because I am over 17.
Last one Ew and Ew - Sorry!!!!

Connie said...

Chunky smoothies are no fun unless it's chunks of chocolate!

Here are my choices
Guy Patterson
Steve Young
Not sure
Michael Buble
Jack Callahan
Gilbert Blythe

Kazzy said...

Oh man, Steve vs Hugh? You're killing me!

Emily said...

I do hate when blenders don't puree well. My sis. spent a lot of money on a vitamix and I thought she was crazy, until I saw how quickly and easily she made perfect smoothies. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm now saving up for one of my own. (I think this need is born of no Jamba Juice on the east coast).

My votes are for:

Becky Dayton said...

Wow. This is really easy:
Guy Patterson
Hugh Jackman
I refuse to vote for Harry or a man who I don't know. So I'm voting for RON WEASLEY. If only you knew who that was...
Gene Kelly
Jack Callahan
Gilbert Blythe. (You put him against Emmett? There's a no brainer.)

Smart Helm said...

I know I'm not playing this right but Guy Patterson all the way. Maybe Gilbert too (certainly above Emmett) but he's too much of a baby face... all about Guy. Sigh.

Perhaps you could just call them chunckies? Uh...Ew never mind.

wendy said...

I hated Golds Gym....but went there...cause it was only 5 min. from my house in West Jordan
back when I used to work out
and was thinner
cause I used to work out

and as for blenders....they are sooooo over-rated. I truly would like to find one that lives up to it's "promises??"
nope, can't call them smoothies
they are called chunkies

like ME....cause once, I used to work out

The Crash Test Dummy said...

I always love your lists and letters.

And I'm so glad you commented on my blog post today because it wasn't finished and I hadn't realized I pushed publish until I opened my email and saw your comment. YIKERS!

Love your new look ans signature. Very cool.