Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Wasn't My Fault

Alternate title: Why I Blame Others For My Road Down to You-Know-Where That's Paved with Good Intentions.
I had this plan for my day. It involved work, gym with my friend, institute, then meeting up with another friend. But do you know what happened? While I was at work, I got a text from my friend saying she's sick and couldn't work out today. So do you know what I did? Instead of going to the gym and working out alone, which I am fully capable of doing, I did the opposite. I went to Gandolfo's to get a sandwich. And it was good. And I liked it. And then, maybe I totally skipped institute. But hey, my plans for meeting up with a friend later tonight are still standing.
But that's why it's my friend's fault, not my own, that my good intentions are leading me down the hot place.

In other news, it turns out I have a non-medically-diagnosed case of multiple personality disorder. Awesome, right?
But seriously, I love nothing more than being barefoot, and yet I own...a lot of shoes. I was going to put how many I own, but I don't want you to judge me.
Also, I am hating that the summer is ending, but I am in love with the fall colors I'm starting to see every day.
My favorite TV shows are Biggest Loser and Man vs. Food. No way can those two concepts co-exist peacefully.
And, my "pump up" songs on my ipod are Lose Yourself, by Eminem (don't worry-I linked to the clean version) and Reach for the Stars, by S Club 7. Those songs aren't even kind of similar. I'm pretty sure if they ran into each other on the street, Eminem's song would beat up S Club 7's song. But seriously, both of them get me going on the treadmill (that I skipped running on today...remember?) when all I want to do is push stop and go spend an hour in the sauna.

Maybe can one of my personalities take the punishment for things that aren't my fault, and the rest can still be saved in the end?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dancing with the Questionably Famous People

It's not like it's a surprise that I like Dancing with the Stars, so I won't pretend I accidentally saw it last night and am now commenting. The truth is, I watch it on the day after it airs. Judge if you want. I don't care.

Anyway, I wasn't going to watch this season. They announced the cast and um, it sounded really lame. The few names I did recognize were ones I didn't like. But I was reading a review of it, and decided to watch just the one dance...and got sucked in. Just like every other season. Here are my thoughts thus far (don't pretend that you're not interested).

Florence Henderson. I automatically want her to leave cuz her partner, Corky, irritates me so much. His personality is even more irritating than his name. But this week, she talked about her husband and it was sweet. And then they danced to Edelweiss. I love that song. It's one of the songs that makes me want to cry for no reason. I didn't want to like it...but I kinda of did. Just kind of.

Kyle Massey. Like it's any surprise that I love the Disney channel. But, I never loved Kyle's shows. They were too loud and annoying. And I was prepared to think of him in the same way. But, the dang kid is actually charming in a goofy sort of way. Which, quite frankly, is the best kind of charming there is.

Kurt Warner. Well, he's athletic and attractive. Why would I not like that? Plus, he had a tea party with his daughters. I don't care if it was staged, it was cute and he's my favorite. He also pointed out that it's a positive thing to show "I can dance next to a beautiful woman for six to eight hours a day and still honor my wife." Favorite.

I still don't care enough about the rest of the cast to have an opinion.