Sunday, January 25, 2009

America's Next Top Model

I would just like to say that this picture was not my idea. You would think the only girl in the family would be the one trying to get modeling poses in...but no, it was the guy in the denim shirt. I call him Johnny. I'm not entirely certain what the point of it all was...but I'm definitely glad I have this picture. I think my favorite part is how you can see Joey's bright blue retainer. That's hot.

And can you totally see how I'm smiling with my eyes? Yeah-Tyra taught me how.

And, since a few people requested to see a picture of my magic red shoes, here they are.

I'm totally smiling with my eyes in this picture, too. Can't you tell?

*And also, on my preview option when I blog this, the format of this post looks much less lame. Someday I'm gonna have to have someone teach me how to make my blog pretty.*

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Dilemma

Actually, I have two dilemmas.

First: Bring It On and Bring It On: All or Nothing are on at the same time. Which should I watch?! Good thing the other two versions aren't also on right now else I would possibly go into an indecisive state of shock.

Dilemma two: so, I have these bright red heels that I wore to church yesterday and they're kind of awesome. They even have the power to temporarily turn me into a friendly, social person rather than my wall flower-ish self. Cool, eh? So the dilemma? They're just not as comfortable and familiar as my black flats that I bought from Journeyz Kids. (Yes, Journeyz Kids. I have not large feet.) They're the ones that I wear when I'm busy not greeting the new people in the ward and trying to make them feel welcome cuz I worry that they'll think I'm weird.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Find This Fitting

Funny story. I had a video all set up to post so you could see that the drawing was legit....and the video won't upload. Given my track record with technology I guess I'm not surprised. It's probly better this way, because when I watch the video I keep thinking, "Is that my voice? Is that my voice?" You know, like crazy Izma when she turns into a cat. So, kind of anti-climactic, but the result of the Pay If Forward drawing is posted below. Thanks everyone that commented---I kind of wish I could make something for all of you. But then I remember that that would be a little, or a lot, time consuming.

Camille. Big shocker there, eh? I have to say, I'm glad you won as I did not need to be the reason your children didn't get to go to McDonald's. PS-you absolutely cannot quit your blog after winning this. Seriously.

Margo. This is good---cuz she's has one kid already and it's cute. I bet the other one will be, too.

Beeswax. She lives in AZ, and I used to live there so we're fake the same, right? Plus, she writes posts all about where she ate in Vegas which means I kind of love her. Do you really want a Granny Square vest?

Camille and Kelly---send me your emails so I can get your contact info. Margo-I know yours. Don't send it to me again.

PS-this is my 100th post.

One more PS-this is my cute niece that helped me with the drawing. Unlike me, she was really cute on the video and deserves to be seen.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Some Is Given One

I got to spend the other morning listening to my Uncle Lyman play the piano. He is an incredibly talented musician---but he can't read a note. I love the music he writes, and every time he comes to visit I beg him to sit down and play. And every time he comes I tell him he has GOT to have someone help him record his music, cuz there's gonna come a day when he can't play anymore and will want it. (Actually, it's me that's gonna want it. I'm selfish like that.)

He always tells me I could play that way too, but I've tried and I truly cannot. I can't play by ear to save my life. I spent many, many years learning to play the notes that were put in front of me and to play them well. Even after listening to his music over and over, I can't sit down at the piano and pick the notes out---my brain/ears don't work like that.

But what I can do is sight-read. So I figure that's where my talent comes in. That and appreciating what others can do. And I like being able to accompany for people. Especially when they have awesome voices. (Like my sister-in-law, Buffy. who is having a contest of sorts on her blog for a free haircut and style and if you live in Utah Valley you should go over there and take advantage.) I'd be a happy girl if I could make a living as an accompanist. So, I may not be able play by ear (which makes me so sad when I want Uncle Lyman music and he's not around), but I can make pretty music in other ways. So even if we don't get every talent-we all have something that we can share with others. The test is whether or not you're willing to do so.

PS-have you ever seen the movie "Where the Red Fern Grows?" How about, "On Our Own"? Uncle Lyman wrote and directed those movies. That's how awesome he is.

PPS-you have four more days to comment on the Pay It Forward post if you wanna win something.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Not a Resolution.

I have this thing about resolutions. I hate them. (I feel okay about linking to my own blog on this because it was written before 90% of you knew I existed.) Anyway, resolutions=no way.

However, I do have two plans for this year. I'm going to run a half marathon, and then I'm going to run a full marathon. I believe since I have already registered and paid for them, begun training and started logging my work-outs onto Nike running, (which is the coolest thing ever)(the website, not my workouts)-that they are not resolutions. They are plans. They will happen. In March. And then May.

If I live that long.

P.S. You can still comment on my last blog for the giveaway. The drawing is in 8 days!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pay It Forward

Okay, folks. I am one of the lucky recipients of a hand-made item by Kritta22. She's going to send me something of her choosing within the next year. And I'm excited.

The rules are, however, that I do the same thing to three lucky readers. So, I'm gonna break out my old popsicle stick house-making kit and get busy.

JK. I can't make things with popsicle sticks. But what I can do is crochet. Surprising, right? You thought all I was good for were computer drawings, didn't you?

Well, I make a mean baby blanket. I've also been known to crochet beanies (of the baby or adult variety), scarfs, booties (just babies this time) and even afghans. Ooh-and I've made baby sweaters---but they were hard so don't ask for them. I'd post pictures---but against my mother's better judgment/advice, I've never taken any. I'm awesome like that.

So, if you wanna be one of the three lucky recipients, comment on my blog. And do it a lot. Cuz the more times you comment, the bigger your chance to win. Hooray! Kristina, you know I have something special in mind for you if you win:) Rychelle, if you win, I'll be sure to throw in an awesome pillowcase while I'm at it. And in 13 days (cuz that's the first number that popped into my head) I'll have Buffy draw the winners. She gets to cuz she's close, and then you can be sure I didn't cheat and cuz her family has already received lots of things I've made so I'm disqualifying her. Sorry Buff. If you want another item you're gonna have to have another child.

Just a head's up: If you win and choose to pay it forward, that's cool. If you don't want to, you don't have to.