Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pants, MOS and Vacation

Do you have a pair of pants that you just love lots? Cuz they always fit, and you can wear them when you really can't wear anything else? If you do, don't wear them and then go on a big fatty rope swing cuz they'll rip. And you'll feel foolish. And you won't have your fit-anytime pants anymore. Stupid rope swing.

I going to have MOS this upcoming weekend. I'm gonna miss one of my most favorite celebrations of the year (24th of July) in one of my most favorite places in the world (Cokeville, WY) with some of my most favorite people on the planet (my family). We go to Wyoming every year to celebrate Pioneer Day (yes, it is slightly ironic that we celebrate a Utah holiday in Wyoming) and I'm missing it this year! But do you know why?

Because I'm going on a monster vacation. To Australia. And New Zealand. And Fiji. I leave tomorrow!!! I should probly be packing right now. So, while I'm definitely sad to be missing out on Cokeville, I will just have to try extra hard to make up for it by having lots on fun in the country where the toilets flush the wrong way. And where they drive on the wrong side of the road!

See you in a couple weeks.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm All Shopped Out

Who would've ever thought such thing was possible? I've never been much of a shopper to begin with...but that didn't mean I wasn't capable of spending money on occasion. And I have always found fun things at the Park City Outlet mall where my family goes every summer. Not so today.

My sister-in-law, Buffy, and I headed out this afternoon to see what we could find. Lucky for both of us, we have similar shopping styles. She's one of the few people I can shop with and still be friends with afterwards. I've learned that if I want to save friendships, as a general rule, I should just shop alone. But I think I even enjoy shopping more when Buffy is there. Plus, she's very familiar with what I wear/own so when I try things on that I really like, she responds with, "Yeah-it's cute Barb. I thought it was cute when you bought it last year, and I still think it's cute when I see you wear it." In other words, a large part of what I pick to try on, I already own. Bless her heart for saving me from double purchases.

Anyway, after about two hours and several stores today...I had bought a total of one shirt. One. It's white and short-sleeved. That's good, cuz right now I only have six other white, short-sleeved shirts in my closet...But, none of them have a square neck like this one. And really, can you ever have too many white shirts?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life's Best Lessons Are Learned on the Bench

So, I actually had a t-shirt that said that when I was younger. I got it at a Piano Festival I attended at BYU. Could I have been a bigger nerd? Probly not. So, when I begged all of you for blogging ideas, Erin asked me about piano---specifically, how much I practiced as a little kid. She also asked me my dream calling in church...which totally involves piano.

When I was in my hard-core, playing lots of piano, preparing for competitions, tour, recitals or what have you mode, I probly averaged one to two hours per day. I'm sure if my teacher knew that at the time, he'd have freaked out and told me to tack AT LEAST two more on each day. I'm sure if I had done that, I'd have ended up abhorring the piano despite all the cool things I got to do as a result. Usually the week or so before something big I'd try and put in at least 3, maybe 4 hours, but otherwise I tried to keep it under 90 minutes. And, in keeping with my nerdiness, I spent a huge part of that time sightreading cuz it's what I love most. And it would keep me entertained to try and play different things when I was spending so much time on ONE piece and needed a break. I remember when I was younger my mom used to set the buzzer for how long we had to practice. So while I look like I'm diligently working away in the above picture...I was most likely playing very softly listening for the buzzer because there was no way I was gonna sit at that bench any longer than was required!

Now, I'm teaching this cute little girl and let's hope she doesn't rely on her sightreading skills when it comes time for lessons as much as I did...

My dream calling in church would probly be Relief Society pianist. That may make me sound like a total slacker, but I'm pretty happy being a behind-the-scenes girl. Accompanists are needed, but they're rarely acknowledged. I'm okay with living my life that way.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Patriotism and Shameless Exploitation

I come from a tremendously patriotic family and the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love the music, and the atmosphere and the fireworks and everything. Except parades. I hate parades. I've been listening to patriotic music all week at work and marching around to the beat whenever I walked around. And yes, I looked awesome. My grandma was married to a Colonel in the Air Force and so many memories I have of her involve patriotism in some way or another whether it was her dress or how she would write letters to businesses informing them that their flag was tattered and they needed to replace it.

Last weekend my mama had a big fund-raiser of the patriotic variety. It was a no-kids event unless your child had memorized the Preamble to the Constitution. I had a REALLY cute video of my 5 year-old niece and 3 year-old nephew quoting it...but it won't upload! Can anyone help me with that?! You're really missing out by not seeing it. At least I can include some pictures of the kids being cute in patriotic clothes. The top is my niece, Mia, and in case you were wondering she REALLy likes me. The bottom is my mama with some of her grandkids. I personally think my nephew on the right has one of the cutest smiles I've ever seen.