Friday, February 26, 2010

Apparently I Feel Like Being Random Today

I'm still not crazy about blogging these days, but I feel like forcing out some random things today. If it feels forced...well, like I just said, it is.


I never get sick. It's a weird source of pride for me. And yet, for the past three days, I haven't necessarily been able to breath, my head hurts and I've been forced to gargle with salt water in the morning. I'm not sure what this means.


I've never told anyone that wasn't family that I loved them. Because I don't think I do. I might like them a lot, but that's not the same thing. When my friends say good-bye to me it's always, "K bye. Love you." I usually respond with a "See you later." Sometimes I wonder if they notice that.


Supposedly I'm going off junk food for Lent again this year. I have no idea where those candy wrappers in my garbage can came from!! I may need some help in the self-discipline area this time around.


I used to think I wanted one little girl. Now I think I want none cuz then I will have no money. Every time I see cute little girl clothes it's all I can do not to buy them for my nieces. They I remember that I need to pay for other things like food and mortgage.


I'm done forcing. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something New

So, I have this sister-in-law (actually, I have 11 sisters-in-law) but the one I'm talking about now just started a blog.

She's one of those people that's super, amazingly creative. She always looks amazing and I'm pretty sure it's not right to be as gorgeous and talented as she is. She's one of those people that can pull off wearing a whole bunch of bracelets at once, and big rings on her fingers and it doesn't look pretentious or silly-it's looks awesome. She makes jewelry and it's amazing. I don't wear a lot of jewelry, I don't like feeling things all over my fingers, wrists and neck---but every once in awhile I'll be brave and wear something and more often than not it's something that she created.

She's known me for longer than I can remember. When I was 8 and got my ears pierced she gave me a pair of little silver hoops. She probly regrets doing that now---cuz I only ever wear little silver hoops now. Never take them out. I'm sure she thinks I should branch out.

Anyway, what I'm saying is, she's beautiful and brilliant and she has a fun blog now that you should check out if you want ideas on how to also be beautiful and brilliant.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ranting Part II

Guess who has a TV in their living room right now? Guess who does not want a TV in the living room right now? Or ever?

If you guessed me on all of those, you'd be right!!

My roommate decided it would be too costly (for whom?) for her to store her TV at her friend's apartment so she went ahead and hooked everything up and re-arranged the living room furniture while I was at work and couldn't do anything about it. And she and my other roommate agreed that putting her TV in the living room shouldn't be a problem if I'm willing to compromise. Well guess what tiny aspect they left out of that equation? It's MY house and I'm NOT willing to compromise. If she's willing to start paying the entire monthly mortgage then she can store her TV in MY room for all I care. But until then, the TV will be moving out of the living room, it will not be stored in the family room or any other public room and she's just gonna have to deal.

And I told her that. Not quite that strongly...I'm still working on that whole confrontation thing. But seriously, there's no way that there can be any question about how I feel about this issue.

And one more thing. I plan on sleeping VERY well tonight!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Thanks everyone for being upset with/for me. It helps to have that when I'm wondering if I'm over-reacting. The good things is-things are fixed. I think.

I never did end up sleeping Friday night---and I even went on a anger fueled six mile run that day. You know, the kind you always read about? I didn't think they actually existed. Anyway, my roommate was gone when I got home from that, and I was leaving for the day, so I took the chicken way out and wrote a note. But I think it was a good thing cuz I was able to explain how I felt and why---something I probly wouldn't have been able to do in person. We talked yesterday and she said that she'll change things back to the way they were Monday. My mama thinks this is just a sign of things to come. I disagree. I choose to believe everything is fixed. On Monday my TV will be back where it belongs, hers will be stored somewhere (I told her I don't want it just hanging out in the family room) and all will be well.

And I still haven't changed my mind about Dear John. Awful movie.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm a little uptight right now. It's almost 6:00 a.m. and I haven't fallen asleep yet. It all started this afternoon. I got a text from one of my new roommates (remember how I bought a house? I have people that live in it that pay me rent now) saying her dad had bought her a TV and where should she put it. Well, that's nice and all...but there is already a TV down in the family room. I wrote back and told her I didn't want it in the living room. I grew up in a house where the piano was in the living room and pianos and TVs don't mix. I'd like to keep it that way. So, I told her she could just put it in her room if she wanted because there really wasn't any other place. She suggested putting it where the current TV is...but I told her that didn't make a lot of sense, cuz then where would that TV go? Right? So that conversation was all by text. Then later, I talked to her on my lunch break. Again, said I didn't want the TV in the living room, there was one in the family that her dad bought her a TV, but she either has to store it or put it in her room. Clear enough, right?

Okay-so I get home from seeing a movie with my friends later on that night (Dear John-lamest movie ever. Except for the Notebook which nothing could be worse than that...anyway) I walk in and guess what? The TV her dad bought her is in the place of my TV that I set up in my living room in my house! What?! Gosh-and my mother thinks I'm passive aggressive? I think this girl takes the cake on that! And, she had unpacked all my movies and put them in the entertainment center that apparently came with her TV. I guess that was nice of her? And she even alphabetized them. But do you know what? I already had them split up into genres and THEN alphabetized. It took me quite a while to get them that way, too. So, I came in and she's watching a movie, and basically I'm kinda speechless. In addition, I don't do confrontation well. Not to mention the fact that I live with this girl and I don't want things to be awkward. Then again, it's my house! Right?

So, where does that leave us? Well, I don't know about you---but it leaves me with one entirely sleepless night, which has never been the case for me before. Not even when I was in school when people supposedly pull all nighters. Seriously, I've slept zero. But I did go down to my family room and fix all my movies back how I want them. But guess what? She threw out the boxes they were in! Why are they still in boxes? Well, I just bought a house---and so things like DVD and book shelves haven't quite made it onto my grocery list at this point. I'm slowly getting the feel of my house and where I want things to go and movies have taken a back seat in the priority process. I want them back in their boxes! And I want my TV back where it belongs! So I've decided when she wakes up today that I'll say I appreciate her efforts at organizing my movies, it was nice of her dad to send a TV, but would she please put my TV back where it belongs. I really hope this goes over okay. Cross your fingers that I survive confrontation and get some sleep tomorrow night.

And seriously-don't waste your money on seeing Dear John. Lame.