Monday, August 8, 2016

Does Anyone Even Blog Anymore?

Remember when people used to blog? And you'd get online every day and have like, 30 blogs to check? And how you became "friends" with people you'd never met in real life? Cuz they were funny? Or you bonded over things like running, or cooking, or TV shows? I feel like facebook and twitter have replaced the voice the blogging community was using. Which is fine. But I also feel like there's a lot more pressure to be funny, witty and/or pretty on facebook and twitter. That's way too much work for me. I just wanna write random posts that are the equivalent of comfy pj's and messy hair buns.

Actually, I really have nothing to say. Except this: roundabouts are the worst!

Mostly, I'm just watching the clock slowly tick down to 5pm at work. Waiting for the time to clock out so I can go turn on the Olympics where I watch girls half my age achieve amazing things while I eat goldfish. And while I wait I thought, "Hey, I used to blog. Maybe I should try it again."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TV Isn't Real

Have you ever noticed that women always have natural (meaning no epidural) births on TV? What's that all about? I can't think of one TV birth where the woman wasn't comfortably numb. 

Now, I'm neither pro or anti epidural. I just think that's not an accurate representation of births today. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

That Time I Stuck My Foot In My Mouth. At Work

Okay fine--- I've stuck my foot in my mouth at work lots of times. But this one just barely happened.

Also, can we pause for just a second and acknowledge how weird that saying is? In reality, my lack of flexibility would never allow my foot to reach my mouth. And if I say something stupid does that mean I already put my foot in my mouth, or that I need to do that?

Back to my story. My boss came into work today all pleased about these new shoes he bought and asked my opinion. It was obvious he wanted validation and I'm usually pretty good and giving that. But for some reason I was struck mute. And then I kind of let out a prolonged "um?" that was an octave above my normal voice. What is wrong with me?

But I didn't stop there. I told him they kind of reminded me of polio shoes and I was half expecting to see a brace extending out the heel and up his leg. Seriously?! Who says stuff like that?

Me apparently. That's not only offensive to him, but quite possibly to the entire polio community. I'm sorry.

He told me to stop talking after that.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Thankful Five

I'm so excited for Thanksgiving!! I thought it would be a good idea to run a 4 mile race in the morning which will probably be lame, but after that it's gonna be a great day.

I've actually already put up a few (very few) Christmas decorations and I may or may not be listening to Michael Buble's Christmas album right now...but I'm still excited for Thanksgiving!! Swear. The only reason I decorated early was cuz I got in major cleaning mode at my house and decided to get everything organized and set up at once. And I was in major cleaning mode cuz I got new furniture for my room and had to get that all put together. My room actually looks like a grown-up room now---not your average college dorm. Not that there's anything wrong with college dorms. But I have an actual bed now, with a matching dresser and even a night stand. Like I might actually be in my house semi-permanently or something. Weird.

You know what else is weird? This picture from our ward Thanksgiving party.
There are two boys that were cut out because the person taking the picture didn't realize they were leaning in and posing? At least, he looks like he was leaning...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
What are you Thankful Five?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

So, this one time...

My cousin Becky thinks I need to blog again. I think she's crazy. Anyway. I was gonna tell you about all the awesome things for which I'm thankful---tis the season and all---but then I decided to tell you a story instead. I went to a gas station. To get gas. And the first pump I went to had a screen that didn't work. So after trying for a few minutes to figure out what to do, I gave up and pulled up to the next pump. Only I didn't pull up far enough. And after putting in my card and entering my zip code, I realized that the hose couldn't reach my car. Awesome. So I had to put the hose back in the pump, turn my car back on, pull forward, turn my car back off, get the hose back out...but then the pump started being temperamental and wouldn't work and I needed gas!! But also I was really embarrassed. So I drove away to another gas station. And this station wouldn't authorize my card till I went inside. So that's what I did. And I finally got gas. But it was a nightmare. The end.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Feel Like Everyone Needs To See This

On a different note---when did blogger become super different? I almost created a new blog without realizing it when all I wanted to do was write a new post.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Fun

During Memorial Weekend we always visit the East Lawn Cemetery where my grandparents are buried. He served as a Colonel in the Air Force and she was the most patriotic women I ever knew. It's a beautiful cemetery and I love seeing the flags they put up on that weekend.
It was a wonderful, relaxing, not-do-anything-important weekend. I loved it! Little kids played outside, we had a birthday celebration, and enjoyed shish-ka-bobs. I wish there could be a weekend like this every month!
Cutest twin girls ever? I think so.
Grandpa feeding Macie her first cantaloupe and teaching her how to play Mormon Bridge. I love how tiny her hands are next to his.
Alli blocking Christian from blowing out her candles.
It was a little too cold to swim, but the boys loved it anyway