Monday, September 26, 2011

Most Hated Plot Line and THE FINALS!!

First, the bad news. I don't think I can watch The Ringer. I kinda wanted to cuz I rather like Sarah Michelle Gellar, but it's not working out for me. And it's not just cuz I don't like seeing her play a helpless, weak, non-vampire-slayer. It's weird seeing her get beat up knowing that if she really wanted, she could totally hurt someone, right? But what really bugs me is the pregnancy plot. I hate when people pretend they're pregnant. How does that even work?! You can't use that story forever. Who are these people that don't have enough common sense to realize they should drop the act and tell the truth? ASAP. It was one of the many reasons I could not deal with Glee. That much stupidity is just offensive. Ugh.

Now, the good news: no one voted for Harry in that last round. Bless you all. It came down, as I predicted at the beginning, to Hugh Jackman vs. Gilbert Blythe. Don't know how I'll make up my mind on this one... Also, I have to apologize for my huge error in leaving out Jim Caveziel! What was I thinking? He could have been added as himself, as the Count of Monte Cristo, or as his new character in Person of Interest. Either way, he is an honorary winner in my heart. Him and Joel McHale.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Almost Died Before Round 4

Seriously. Almost died. On Mt. Timpanogas. Remember one time when I said I hate hiking? And that I never, ever wanted to hike Timp? Well, somehow I ended up doing it. I blame my annoyingly persistent brothers who changed the date they were going just so I could go. How do you say no to that? I'm not gonna lie---part of it was enjoyable. But not enjoyable enough to outweigh the scary parts. Or the part where I almost died sliding down a glacier. Okay, maybe I didn't almost die, but other people did. I'm talking broken tailbones, bloody legs...all that. I was overly cautious and thus, came out physically unharmed but mentally destroyed. I'd give you pictures of the Snow Slide of Satan, but I don't have them yet. Maybe next time. I think I'm scowling in most pictures. Or giving a not-very-sincere smile. And the hike is LONG! Longer than a marathon. Whatever. I did it and can confidently say I'll never do it again.

And now time for round four. Since this is gonna end up with three winners---I'll take the two with the most votes for the final round. And if one of them is Harry Potter I quit.
Guy Patterson vs. Gene Kelly
Harry Potter vs. Hugh Jackman
Jack Callahan vs. Gilbert Blythe