Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So Freakin Excited!

Seriously, starting Wednesday at 5pm, this week is gonna be AWESOME! I love Thanksgiving and here's why:

-Family is coming into town! My double cousins have(with one exception, I think?) always been with us on Thanksgiving. This year we also get four, maybe five, of my brothers, and an uncle and his family. This is the uncle that writes awesome music that I love to sit and listen to.

-Earning money. My mom gives us $5 if we quote Psalm 100 at dinner.

-Friday night sleep-over with said double cousins. We're gonna watch an old school favorite, and eat yummy food and then we'll get up in the morning to do Tae Bo.

-Yams. I make the yams. I make good yams. There are crazy people that don't think yams taste good and I try to make them SO yummy that even those people like them. How can you not like food that has marshmallows on top?!

-After dinner, my cousins and I break out our Nutcracker duet book and start the Christmas festivities. Plus, if we play real nicely, we don't have to help as much with the dishes:)

-The day after Thanksgiving, I'll go with my dad to pick out a Christmas tree. And we start decorations. And, the BEST part, we turn on Thistlehair, by Alabama. It's our quintessential family Christmas song. Dad LOVES it, mom HATES it, and the kids love watching the power struggle between the two of them turning it on and off.

-There is a small, local sports event happening on Saturday. Not too big of a deal...just BYU vs. Utah!!

And that is why I am so FREAKIN excited!! I know just how Sue feels.

What are you so freakin excited about?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sort Of Wordless Wednesday

As of a couple weeks ago, I own this.

Also, I really want to go to this: http://www.utahchocolateshow.com/

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virtual Shopping Spree?

So over on Chief's blog yesterday she wrote about the five clothing items she'd buy with an open ended line of "cyber credit." Meaning...the money doesn't actually exist, but if it did, this it what I'd get.

First of all, I'd get this jacket. I used to have it---obviously. Seeing as that's me in front of "Barb's Place" somewhere in Canada. But then it got lost. I have no shortage of jackets, but this was a favorite. And I want it back.

Second, I'd get some Uggs. I spent many months mocking these shoes. Mostly cuz whenever people wore them it was with mini-skirts. A mini-skirt and sweaty-feet shoes? Not exactly a realistic combination. Then I put my friend's on the other day. Holy cow those things are comfy! Her's also happened to be five sizes too big so I tripped about eight times in the 30 minutes I had them on. But, now I want some. I have no idea when or where I'd wear them...but I know I'd love them.

I don't have a picture of my third item, cuz it doesn't exist. I want a magical pair of running shoes. It's SO hard finding good ones! I have really small feet, so more often than not I have to order them. But I also have high arches so I need good support. Or I need to add it in. And then if I run too much I start to get shin splints. I want shoes that make that not happen. For now I've solved the problem by not running. Yeah...not a good solution.

Anyway, I said five things, but those are the only three I REALLY want. That's not to say I wouldn't buy more clothes...I happen to love new clothes. But I just moved into a new house (more on that later) and am still reeling at the amount of clothes and shoes that needed to be moved and trying to figure out how I'll find room for them all. My family likes to joke that I've gone above and beyond the requirement to have a "two year supply" of things and I have my eight year supply of clothes.

What would you buy on your virtual shopping spree?

Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Randomness

I don't know if Motherboard is doing her Random Fridays with tunes yet. I'm writing this on Thursday and setting it to post on Friday. I've never tried to pre-write a post before. I just write when I feel like it, and then hit publish. We'll see if this works.


I have a serious amount of movies. And I organize them by genre and then alphabetically. My biggest genre is chick flick, but my favorite genre is sports. The most recent addition to sports was Forever Strong. Great movie.


I have even more books than I have movies. Shelves and shelves of books. Some shelves are doubled up. I have boxes of books up in the attic. I just bought a new book yesterday. Libraries are all well and good, but I like to own my books.


I have a lot of music, too. I don't buy CD's as much, because now I just use youtube, playlist, or itunes to listen to what I really want. I have long lists of music that I like to listen to, though. And I own LOTS of piano music. More music than I could play in a week. And you know how I double up my books? I do that with sheet music, too. When I accompany, I put sheet music in those clear page holders. And then when I get a new song to accompany, I put that in front of what I already had. It just keeps getting thicker and thicker.


In the past 3 days I've eaten 12 apples. I think I've become addicted. But there are worse things to be addicted to, right? I don't eat apples whole. I only like them if they've been cut up.


I love Thanksgiving. I refuse to steamroll it by getting into the wonderfulness of Christmas yet. I need to focus just on that holiday. We used to have MASSIVE family gatherings for Thanksgiving. For some reason, those gatherings have gotten smaller and smaller over the years. I tried to make it a big one this year...had my mom invite more of her siblings and what not. But they're all busy with they're own families. Stupid growing up and having new families.


I have only one song for this Friday's tunes: The Future Freaks Me Out by Motion City Soundtrack. Good song. Accurate.