Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Vote for More Power Outages

First off, this might be my new favorite version of one of my favorite songs: Listen to it while you read. I promise you'll like it.

I always think it's fun when the power goes out. Kinda exciting and such. It went out twice yesterday while I was at work. Listen, if the phones are down and I don't have to hear people whining at me, I'm not gonna complain.

Maybe one of my attorneys was super uptight about it, though. And made me call the phone company (pretty sure they knew the power was down). And when the power came back and the phones still weren't working? I had to call more people (if only power outages turned off cell phones as well). And maybe he pushed every single button under my desk trying to fix things and turned my computer off more than 3 times. Maybe I was laughing inside cuz I got a kick out of how uptight he was.

But really? It was nice to turn off technology for a minute. At work I always have things pulled up: my work website, my music, my email etc. It was nice to have it all go off, take a break, just talk face-to-face, and listen to the storm. We need more moments in life like that. I think.

P.S. For those of you who care (and really, who doesn't?), my living room is now TV free!! Wahoo!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest Post

Hey guys. I'm guest posting over at The Real World: Venus vs. Mars today. Come check it out.

Venus and Mars

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thoughts on Tuesday

My first thought: this isn't thoughts about Tuesday, it's thought I'm having on a day that happens to be Tuesday. Just sayin.

I love whoever it was that fixed my AC. If I had to sleep another night in 80 degree weather I may have died. By melting.

I'm watching The Bachelorette right now. Yes, I watch that show. Yes, I'm at work. Yes, I'm watching it at work (but all my work is completed right now---don't worry). All I can think is that The Weatherman is such a goober. I feel awkward just watching the poor kid.

I think I actually might be even more awkward than him, though. Bummer.

Getting up early in the morning isn't so hard now that it's not freezing cold outside. I can handle being outside at 6:00 if I don't have to wrap up like an eskimo.

My right arm is sore from dodgeball. Dodgeball---really. How does that small rubber ball have the capability to make me sore? Lame. We played it for FHE last night and I brought some little balls about the size of small cantaloupes. I figured they'd be harder to catch and it would maybe even the playing field for boys and girls. Yeah-I did not take into account how hard the boys would be able to throw them. I think most of the girls in my ward are mad at me now. Oops.

I'll be guest posting over at Real Word: Venus vs. Mars later this week. It's a site about relationships and I'll be writing about how not to speak to those that don't have one. Ironic? First step: if I truly am as awkward as The Weatherman, you can tell me. But please be gentle.