Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving and Such

Because it's almost Thanksgiving and because I want to show gratitude like everyone else, this is my list of things for which I'm thankful. My brain is a little full right now of all the things I have to get done today (and tomorrow...and the day after that) so I couldn't even think of a decent title for this post. All I had were titles of hymns and elementary school songs running through my head. Anyway, this is my superficial list of "thankfuls" (cuz the non-superficial list would be long. And heavy):
1. I'm grateful for pretzel m&ms (big shocker there).
2. I'm grateful I worked out before I weighed myself today. If I had weighed first I probly would have gotten back in bed, pulled the covers over my head and cursed the world. Oh, and I would have eaten pretzel m&ms.
3. I'm grateful that the ward Thanksgiving dinner that I have been planning will be over and done with in about 6 hours.
4. I'm grateful that I'm learning now, and not later, that planning a dinner for an entire ward is a stupid idea and I'll never do it again.
5. I'm grateful my office is closed Thursday and Friday.
6. I'm grateful for my three youngest nephews. They're very cute and very sweet and very fun to hold.
7. Fine. I'm grateful for all the other nephews, too. And nieces.
8. I'm grateful abc puts episodes of Dancing with the Stars online so I can watch them the next day.
9. I'm grateful for yams.
10. I'm grateful I live in Provo. Very close to my parents and several siblings. (Fine-that wasn't superficial.)

Also, my cousin and her husband have recently started a non-profit business that supports families in third world countries. They are selling handmade clothes, jewelry, bags etc. made by workers in India and 100% of the profits go toward humantitarian projects. Their website has all the information and, lucky for you, there are products that would make great Christmas presents! So go check it out. You're welcome.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

iPod Exchange

First off, can I just say (or write) how upsetting it is to me to start a title with a letter that isn't capitalized? It's just wrong. What's with mac people creating products that start with a little i instead of a big one?

Anyway, a few months ago, I participated in my cousin, Damian's, iPod exchange. Basically, I gave him my iPod and got someone else's in return to use for a couple weeks. The purpose was to introduce me to new music, remind me of stuff I liked, etc. It kind of did that---but it also reinforced my dislike of some artists/songs. Here are the thoughts I had as I participated:

1. Willie Nelson, although he's really annoying and has lame hair, isn't half bad.
2. I still hate 'Come on Get Higher' by Matt Nathanson.
3. It doesn't matter how sad your song is, if your voice is annoying, I won't like it. I'm talking to you Pearl Jam.
4. Anyone who has George Straight on their ipod deserves a life full of happiness.
5. Second Willie Nelson song. Turns out he is as much of a tool as he looks. Good to know my initial judgments weren't incorrect.
6. I still hate 'Come on Get Higher' by Matt Nathanson. And any other song he sings. Is it just me or do they all sound exactly the same?
7. I'm never not in the mood to listen to Paula singing 'Straight Up.'
8. An entire country list and not a single Rascal Flatts song? The owner of this ipod is the smartest person alive.
9. Ashley Huff's 'Heart of Gold.' First song on the ipod that I'd never heard before and quite liked. Second was Don Williams singing 'If I Needed You' with Emmy Lou Harris.
10. Seven Abba songs in a row makes for a great work-out playlist.
11. Running out of iPod battery when working out=immediate loss of energy.
12. I like my music better than anyone else's.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Dear Katy Perry-
Please stop being popular. I don't want to hear your songs anymore. Your voice is like a black hole that sucks all good from the world.

Dear Killers-
You are a dumb movie. You have a dumb concept, made somehow dumber when it's put on film. However, Tom Selleck is attractive, so points for that. And it was smart of you to put Catherine O'Hara in the cast. You must have known you were going to be a dumb movie and that she would be your only saving grace.
You're also the name of a dumb band. Double whammy.

Dear Pretzel m&ms-
Please stop being manufactured.

Dear People Reading This-
There's a new online magazine out that you need to read. It's called The Barrel. And if you click on those words, it'll take you to the site where you can read it. Cool people like Melissa write/edit/design it. And cool people like Shelle write stories for it. And you can win stuff like photography sessions, or a blog makeover. And it's all online so you can read it anytime. And I'd post a picture-link to it, but I don't know how. So just go read it.

Dear Self-
It's nearly 12:30 a.m. and you're getting up at 6:30. Why the heck are you blogging instead of sleeping?

Good night.