Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Round 3 and Some Letters, Cuz I Multitask Like That

Dear Blender-
You're the worst! By your very name one could assume you blend things together, but the smoothie I just ate (you can't drink chunks of fruit) would suggest otherwise. The only reason you haven't been thrown away is cuz I'm cheap and I refuse to spend $100 on something as simple as a blender. That's just ridiculous.

Dear 24 Hour Fitness
Um, if my membership were going to expire, do you think maybe you could give me a week or two notice? Instead of telling me as I go in one day that it's over and I can't work out? Yeah, awesome customer service on that one. But hey, you're still better than Gold's Gym on that front so...that's something.

And now---round three.
Kevin Arnold vs. Guy Patterson
Steve Young vs. Hugh Jackman
Harry Potter vs. Brian Mills (Taken)
Michael Buble vs. Gene Kelly
Ferris Bueller vs. Jack Callahan (While You Were Sleeping)
Emmett Cullen vs. Gilbert Blythe

I personally think this is the easiest round. I really hope you guys don't disappoint me and pick Harry over Brian cuz that's just wrong.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Round Two!

Alright. I've calculated the results both from comments and from randomly asking some friends. I eliminated a few categories that didn't get a whole lot of interest (shame on you people!) and we're down to 11 brackets. Here are your new ones.

Neil Haskell (SYTYCD) vs. Michael Buble. I put these two together because they both got all the votes in their previous categories. This is definitely a tough one. Neil is really really good looking, but so is Michael. Plus he can sing. And I do love singers. A lot. I think I vote Michael.

Kevin Arnold (Wonder Years) vs. Riley Poole (National Treasure). They both pretty geeky, so it's a good match. I think I pick Kevin on this. Riley's always gonna be off treasure hunting and getting trapper in scary situations. Kevin's life is much more calm and safe. I prefer that.

Amos Lee vs. Guy Patterson (That Thing You Do). Cuz they're both musical? I know-it's a stretch. Guy is one of my favorite leading characters and drummers are very hot. But Amos is real. And makes amazing songs....I'm going with Amos.

Apollo Anton Ohno vs. Steve Young. Based on the fact that I would watch football WAY more often than speed skating, I'm going with Steve. If Apollo would shave his facial hair, he may have beat him out, though.

Harry Potter vs. Ted Mosby. They're not even remotely similar, but I hate Harry (you guys were supposed to pick Percy) so I don't care. Ted is romantic, has a good job, he's funny...and Harry's lame. I pick Ted.

Stewart Petersen (Where the Red Fern Grows) vs. Hugh Jackman. This is really hard. Because I have always loved Hugh and word on the street is that he really may be starring in Les Mis like I've always hoped!! But Stewart is my cousin. And he's in some of my favorite movies ever. I'm picking Stewart.

Gene Kelly vs. Carey Grant. Carey is pretty great, but he can't sing like Gene, and he can't dance and roller skate at the same time. Gene for the win.

John Wayne vs. Brian Mills (Taken). I have to go with John Wayne on this. It's close, but I like cowboys.

Emmett (Twilight) vs. Ted Logan (Bill and Ted's). Carlile and Emmett actually tied---so I made an executive decision and picked Emmett. Ted is funny, but Emmett is funny and strong and attractive. Emmett wins.

Gilbert Blythe vs. Mr. Knightly. We could probly just call this the finals---they'll both beat just about anyone else, but putting them against each other will keep it more interesting. Definitely a tough one, but I think Gilbert barely edges out Mr. Knightly on this one for me.

Jack Callahn (While You Were Sleeping)vs. Dmitri (Anastasia). I love Dmitri, but Jack is my favorite. He's unintentionally charming, he's funny and he makes cool furniture.

Shawn Spencer (Psych) vs. Ferris Bueller. Ferris is great and all, but Shawn is more attractive, slightly more mature, funnier, and I just like him better.