Monday, August 1, 2011

Round Two!

Alright. I've calculated the results both from comments and from randomly asking some friends. I eliminated a few categories that didn't get a whole lot of interest (shame on you people!) and we're down to 11 brackets. Here are your new ones.

Neil Haskell (SYTYCD) vs. Michael Buble. I put these two together because they both got all the votes in their previous categories. This is definitely a tough one. Neil is really really good looking, but so is Michael. Plus he can sing. And I do love singers. A lot. I think I vote Michael.

Kevin Arnold (Wonder Years) vs. Riley Poole (National Treasure). They both pretty geeky, so it's a good match. I think I pick Kevin on this. Riley's always gonna be off treasure hunting and getting trapper in scary situations. Kevin's life is much more calm and safe. I prefer that.

Amos Lee vs. Guy Patterson (That Thing You Do). Cuz they're both musical? I know-it's a stretch. Guy is one of my favorite leading characters and drummers are very hot. But Amos is real. And makes amazing songs....I'm going with Amos.

Apollo Anton Ohno vs. Steve Young. Based on the fact that I would watch football WAY more often than speed skating, I'm going with Steve. If Apollo would shave his facial hair, he may have beat him out, though.

Harry Potter vs. Ted Mosby. They're not even remotely similar, but I hate Harry (you guys were supposed to pick Percy) so I don't care. Ted is romantic, has a good job, he's funny...and Harry's lame. I pick Ted.

Stewart Petersen (Where the Red Fern Grows) vs. Hugh Jackman. This is really hard. Because I have always loved Hugh and word on the street is that he really may be starring in Les Mis like I've always hoped!! But Stewart is my cousin. And he's in some of my favorite movies ever. I'm picking Stewart.

Gene Kelly vs. Carey Grant. Carey is pretty great, but he can't sing like Gene, and he can't dance and roller skate at the same time. Gene for the win.

John Wayne vs. Brian Mills (Taken). I have to go with John Wayne on this. It's close, but I like cowboys.

Emmett (Twilight) vs. Ted Logan (Bill and Ted's). Carlile and Emmett actually tied---so I made an executive decision and picked Emmett. Ted is funny, but Emmett is funny and strong and attractive. Emmett wins.

Gilbert Blythe vs. Mr. Knightly. We could probly just call this the finals---they'll both beat just about anyone else, but putting them against each other will keep it more interesting. Definitely a tough one, but I think Gilbert barely edges out Mr. Knightly on this one for me.

Jack Callahn (While You Were Sleeping)vs. Dmitri (Anastasia). I love Dmitri, but Jack is my favorite. He's unintentionally charming, he's funny and he makes cool furniture.

Shawn Spencer (Psych) vs. Ferris Bueller. Ferris is great and all, but Shawn is more attractive, slightly more mature, funnier, and I just like him better.


Kristina P. said...

These are some tough rivals!

I don't think I could pick anyone in the Twilight crew.

Becky Dayton said...

Yay for Round 2:
Neil Haskell. Michael Buble bugs me some times.
Riley Poole. Even if he does get "trapper"ed in scary situations. :)
Guy Patterson. Our history goes way back. There was this one time, we stayed up way past midnight!
Steve Young.
Who picked Harry? I told you to do Ron Weasley instead. WE could have avoided this. Okay Ted Mosby so Harry can get off the bracket.
Hugh Jackman
Gene Kelly. Hands down!
Brian Mills. Mostly cuz I want John Wayne gone.
Emmett. :)
Gilber Blythe. I love my Mr Knightly but Gilbert!
Jack Callahan. But if he fits into my jeans I'll kill myself.
Shawn Spenstar, though I can't believe you said he was more mature than Ferris.

Kristen Miner said...

Sad I missed round one. Here are my votes:

Michael Buble. Riley Poole. Guy Patterson. Steve Young. Hugh Jackman. Tie between Kelly and Grant. Emmett. OH MY GOODNESS Mr. Knightly! But mainly because I just watched Emma for the first time with Paltrow and fell in love, love with Mr. Knightly wit and charm. And finally Ferris. He is classic and so boyish.

Garden of Egan said...

I'm secretly in love with Gilbert Blythe.
Oh and Ferris Bueller.

I know I'm not in the right categories and I'm not playing this right, but I've never understood brackets.

Just give me blood and guts.
That's so much easier to understand.

Emily said...

I'll vote in round two. I say, when you don't know who the boys in a category are, giving Gilbert an extra vote won't hurt :)

Michael, Kevin, Gilbert, Steve, Harry, Hugh, Carey, Gilbert, Gilbert, Gilbert, Dmitri, Gilber.

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

Hmm these are interesting. On some I have no opinion because I don't know them that well. But here's my vote:
Michael Buble, Guy Patterson (you are my biggest fan), Steve Young, Stewart (Rivals!), Gene Kelly, Gilbert Blithe, Jack, Callahan, Shawn Spencer!

Cherie said...

OK these second pairing are super tough girl!!

Neil vs. Michael - Honestly neither of them for me but if I had to pick one Michael because he sings beautifully.

Kevin vs. Riley - I still pick Kevin. They are both goofy but Kevin is thoughtful and sensative and Riley not so much.

Amon vs. Guy - HOnestly have no clue.

Apollo vs. Steve - this one is tough. Apollo is charming and he can dance. Steve is charming and a football hero and a great speaker. Hmmmmm toss up - tie.

HP vs. Ted Mosby - Who is Ted Mosby...seriously...Harry Potter!

Stewart vs. Hugh - No contest at all - HUGH!

Gene vs. Carey - OK these guys are both pretty great and I could watch Gene all day but Carey is the looker and the one you want to be romantic with :-D

John vs. Brian - Brian - he's tough, sure of himself and you'd feel safe with him.

Emmett vs. Ted - Emmett no contest.

Gilbert vs. Mr. Knightly - I agree with your comments.

Jack vs. Dmitri - Again Jack and your comments on this are perfect. It is totally that he is unintentinally charming and so sincere.

Shawn vs. Ferris - OK this I think, was the toughest one for me - haha. Ferris is my "young" crush - the ultimate cool teenager but Psych is my favorite show and it is because of Shawn Spencer who is also cool, funny and crazy. I could see hanging out with both of them but now that I am older gotta pick Shawn!

Melanie Jacobson said...

Neal Haskell
I don't know who Riley Poole is, so Kevin Arnold
Don't know Amos Lee or Guy Patterson
Steve Young
Still Harry (sorry)
Hugh Jackman
Gene Kelly
John Wayne because I don't know who Brian Mills is
Gilbert Blythe (always)
Don't know.
Ferris. I think Shawn is funny but he has too many annoying tics.

The Purcells said...

Neil vs Michael? Toughy! I'll have to say Michael.
Gilbert (Love, love, love him)

There are my votes!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

apparently, I missed a cool bracket idea! I don't know though...I love me some Bueller.

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Voting is in!! Here I go:
Dmitri (Anastasia),Michael Buble, Riley Poole, Guy Patterson, Apollo Anton Ohno, Harry Potter, Hugh Jackman, Carey Grant, John Wayne
Emmett, Mr. Knightly, Ferris Bueller.
There you go!

Heidi said...

Stewart is your cousin? How cool is that? This game reminds me of one my 16 year old daugher plays with me--which guy in which show she watches is the one she thinks is hottest. . . it is pretty much always the older guy, like 40 or 50 and/or bald. I'm scared.

the Lola Letters said...

Dude, I have a full -on nostalgia headache! LOVE this post!!!!!

1. It's insulting to even compare Michael Buble to Neil Haskell. It's Neil. All the way. No question. {And in the famed words of Stephanie Tanner "How rude."}

2. I'm still a little upset about the fact that I never married Kevin Arnold {which, for a lot of my little girl years was kinda the plan} Kevin Arnold, all the way.

3. I have no idea who Amos Lee is {don't unfriend me, kay?} But I'm with you on Guy. What a cute fictional cutie. So Guy Patterson it is.

4. Apollo and Steve - not a big fan of neither of these two even come close to Kevin Arnold, so it's sort of a moot point.

5. Harry and Ted? Same as Apollo and Steve - meh.

6. Sorry, I'm NERDING out on X-men right now, and Hugh Jackman stole my heart a long, long time ago. So, Hugh takes the cake... Tell your cousin I'm sure he's lovely though.

7.Gene Kelly

8. John Wayne

9. A little {or big} Twilight ninny could NEVER take out Ted Logan...honestly, how COULD you Barb??? {69 DUDE!}

10. GILBERT BLYTHE!!!!!!! Uh-oh, I think we have a winner.

11. I'd need to go back and re-watch "while you were sleeping" to make an educated decision...because 8th grade me just doesn't remember him well enough.

12. Ha ha ha! I can't decide between Shawn and Ferris...okay, prolly Shawn...but JEEEUST by a hair.

TisforTonya said...

awwww... I knew I was missing out on a lot during my blog-absence... but THIS right here actually made me sad to have missed it!!!

the real question is: Gilbert Blythe or Shawn Spencer? (Gil has a better job, but... well, I just can't pick!)

Connie said...

OK, I've been here before but couldn't concentrate because I had other things to do. I have lots of things to do now but it's 9:40, I'm still in my pajamas, and I don't care what I do today. So: here's mine:
I had to look up Ted on google. So I guess I'll go with Harry.
Hugh...but Stewart is a great kid-especially if he's your cousin!
Brian or is it Bryan?
Jack (I love While You were Sleeping)

There you have it. I guess I need to get dressed and act like a human being today.