Monday, February 27, 2012

I Got Tagged

By Shanna over at Just So. So now you guys get to find out even more random stuff about me. I know---you're super excited.

But first, my late roommate, Emily, pretty much told me she doesn't like my blog anymore cuz there are no pictures of me. So here's one of me. Or maybe the side of my head while I shake Mitt Romney's hand!
And this is not an invitation for a political discussion. You have your candidate, I have mine and I don't want to argue about/discuss it on my blog. K thanks.

And fine, here's a picture with my face(and my mom's, my aunt's and my cousins') when we got to see the Stars on Ice 10 Year SLC Olympic Anniversary Performance.

-Soda or Pop? Um, well I call it pop. Cuz that's what it is. But I don't drink either. I don't like the burny feeling in my throat.
-What would you consider your best trait? Definitely my humility. Okay, maybe not. Um, I really love my family. Maybe that doesn't seem like a trait...but I like that part of myself.
-What advice would you give to yourself at 13? To relax. And to be nice to everyone. The people that you say mean or snotty things to will always appear again in your life. You don't wanna be embarrassed about your earlier actions.
-Romance, Action or Mystery/Thriller? Yes please. Except for take the thriller out of the mystery. Romance combined with action combined with mystery. That's good stuff.
-Would you rather vacation on the West coast or the East? Well, I'd rather travel and sight see around the east coast, but I'd rather vacation in the west. Vacation means family and rest. Travel means seeing and learning.
-Who is your favorite literary character? Can I say Ammon, from the Book of Mormon? cuz him. And for sure Atticus from "To Kill A Mockingbird." Ooh, or Haymitch. Love him.
-What makes you laugh? This video:

-What would you buy if someone handed you $100 and told you to go and spend it on yourself? I'd do something really exciting and pay bills with it. I know. I'm awesome.
-What song speaks to you most at this moment? Well, I wouldn't say it exactly speaks to me...but I listen to it a lot cuz I'm trying to learn it and banjo is hard!

-Do you have a favorite poem or quote? If life hands you lemons, give them back and ask for chocolate. Not just cuz it's kinda sassy, but also cuz it really is a good point. If you don't like what you're given, work for something better.
-When was the last time you cried? Oh gosh-last night reading a really cheesey book. Like I said before, I'm awesome.

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If you are tagged and don't want to do it, I won't be offended. But if you choose to participate, here are your awesome questions to answer.
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2. What is your favorite movie that has Hugh Jackman in it?
3. What book could you read over and over and never be sick of it?
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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Things I Think

-I don't like when shows have a "Coming Up" right before commercial break. I feel like it spoils things. I understand doing a "Next Week On" type thing, but if the show is just breaking for 3 minutes, you can relax. I'll see what's coming up then.

-I love Marisa Tomei. She's so cute. I just watched her episode of 'Who Do You Think You Are' (great show) and she speaks Italian! How awesome is that?

-Almost as awesome as Steve Martin playing banjo. Yep-he plays banjo. And he's good!

-The phrase, "heart of hearts." What does that even mean? I get irrationally irritated when people say it.

-My Fair Lady has an awful ending. Why doesn't she marry Freddy?

-Even though the world is sometimes kinda scary, (which freaks me out) there are still lots of good people in it (which gives me hope)! My dad and I went to Costco the other day to purchase some very large, very heavy items. Loading them into the cart, pushing them around and getting them into the car would not have been possible were it not for the many very nice, very much complete strangers that offered to help. Seriously, I was amazed at how many people we willing to stop what they were doing to help us. I wanna be that type of person.

-Finally, I'm addicted to Kraft instant mac&cheese. That's healthy, right?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm Gonna Catch Scoliosis from my House

You guys, my house is crooked. No joke. I was in my basement the other night having a reasonably serious conversation with a friend when I stopped in the middle and said, "I think my window is crooked." We measured. Turns out it is. Awesome. There also may be an issue with my front door. Should I be worried about this? I mean, I kind of am cuz oh, IT'S MY HOUSE!!! I tried to take a picture to illustrate said crookedness, but the picture looks fine so now I kind of feel like I'm insane.

Speaking of which (the house, not the insanity), I'm trying to do a little bit of decorating (including curtains...maybe). So I need your help/opinion. My basement is just a TV room---nothing else. Right now all I have in it is my little red couch/hide-a-bed that I love. So, I'm gonna either get one giant love sac OR two less giant love pillows. What should I do? I keep changing my mind.

I know. It's a hard decision, right? What would YOU do?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best Thing Ever?

I think so.

Equally awesome is that "Let's Go to the Mall" by Robin Sparkles is on Just Dance 3.

Not awesome? Curtains. I hate them. Well, that is, I hate trying to figure them out and put them in my house. Who wants to help me with curtains? I don't know what color or what style and I'm lost. I'll pay you. In yummy cookies. And maybe a gift card.