Monday, October 24, 2011

Don't Pretend You Haven't Been Dying to Know What I Did This Summer

*Warning---there may or may not be lots of pictures in this post. But I may or may not have had an epic summer that I want recorded and shared.*

I went to some great movies, concerts and plays.

Like Aida at the Scera

Benton Paul at Sammy's. Is it just me, or does my foot look creepily tiny in this picture?

Outdoor concert featuring the entire Abbey Road playlist.

Monte Carlo with cousins. (And no, there is no sarcasm involved when I say it's a great movie.) (Okay, maybe a little bit of sarcasm.)

Played in the mud... the Dirty Dash

...and on an epic slip and slide.

I scootered.

And defended my Leg-wrestling Champion of the World title.

And reconnected with old friends. Not old in age---but old as in I've known them since I was seven. SEVEN! And the four of us haven't been together like that since high school. And we talked for three hours and still didn't talk about all we could have and I loved every second of it and I love that those three girls are such a huge part of my life!

I went hang-gliding.

And remember how I told you about climbing that awful mountain? Here's the proof.

I made it to the top of this thing!

Here's the glacier of death. I swear it's ten times more steep than it looks.

And here I am with the brothers I still like even after they guilted me into hiking with them.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Already Cried and It's Only Week Three

It's ridiculous how well reality TV manipulates my emotions. Stupid sentimental music and slow-motion montages. One of my favorite people on Biggest Loser won the weight loss challenge this week and it made me cry. Plus it kept his team safe and so they all cried and so I kept crying. Ridiculous.

Also, maybe watching JR Martinez' story on Dancing with the Not-So Famous People made me cry.

Also, maybe I cry watching Anne of Avonlea. And Gilbert won!!!

Hugh has never made a movie that made me cry, but I still love him. And nearly three years ago I wrote about how much he needed to be Val Jean in a musical movie of Les Mis. Clearly Hollywood reads my blog since it's happening now! I hope they give me tickets to the premier cuz I totally deserve them.

Finally, I really wanna tell you guys about all the awesome stuff I did this summer, but I'm waiting to get all my pictures first. Soon. I hope.

I almost forgot---you really need to watch The Sing-Off of NBC!!! More than any other show---except maybe Psych. But for real, it's amazing! SUCH talented people, AMAZING judges AND Vocal Point is on there and I've been in love with them since 2006. And one of the singers of Delilah is in one of my most favorite bands ever in Provo. So watch it. And fall in love with them.