Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Bucket List

So, I know this author. Well, I fake know her cuz there's been some blog commenting back and forth. Anyway, she wrote a book and I want to win a copy of it. Cuz it looks good. And I just read three books in two days and am out of new books to read and want another one. And also, I think she was being facetious when she said she was "giving" us an idea for a blog post---but really, I needed it. I was starting to think I'd have no posts at all in March. I do hate March, so it makes sense. Still, the blog was lonely. But anyway, anyone can enter the giveaway by writing their own Bucket List and linking back to her blog. I mean, I'd rather you didn't enter cuz then my winning chances go way down...but if you want to be selfish like that, go ahead.

Bucket List---in no particular order
1. Fly first class. I don't care where---I just wanna fly first class.
2. Pet a real-life penguin.
3. Hang-glide.
4. Change my last name.
5. Learn this song on the guitar.
6. Learn to play the organ.
7. Go on a Mediterranean Cruise.
8. Put up curtains in my house.
9. Bungee jump. Again.
10. Win a book in a blog giveaway.

What's your bucket list?