Friday, April 30, 2010

Things I Should've Learned Before Age 25

-Shaving without water is never a good idea. No matter how much of a hurry you're in.

-Even though ending sentences with a preposition is grammatically incorrect (and super irritating), it's impossible to avoid all the time.

-What purpose the freeway belt loop serves. Seriously, where is that thing supposed to take me?

-Glaring at your alarm clock doesn't stop the annoying sound.

-Flossing is a necessary evil. I hate flossing. Hate Hate Hate. Double hate.

-How to put up curtains in a house. My windows look naked.

-Just because you don't tell people when you're birthday is, doesn't mean you won't get older. So, you may as well tell them so you can get presents.

On May 3rd I won't be 25 anymore. Just so you know.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Shouldn't Admit To Liking Reality TV As Much As I Really Do

I was already cheering for Evan whatever-his-last-name-is on Dancing with the Stars. Cheering in the sense that I want him to win---not that I voted for him. In my mind, if I don't vote for people then I'm not really sucked into the show, right? Just agree with me, okay? Plus, I really like Evan's partner. I liked her better with Chuck Lidell, but I think that's cuz I liked Chuck better. She's probly still the same person. But anyway, here's a quote from Evan last night which makes me like him even more:

"It's just such a positive show, and there's so much stuff on TV right now that's not positive. You've got murder mysteries, shows about rehab, or trashy love shows. "Dancing With the Stars" is truly a positive show and you watch people go through a brand new challenge and face the fear. And it's a show you can watch with your whole family."

How can you not like someone that says things like that? If only there were more people like him, TV might be cleaner! Maybe, maybe I'm guilty of watching those trashy love shows. And I do like Psych, but that's less a murder mystery and more a mystery comedy where sometimes there's murder. So, that's okay, right? Please. But I've never watched the rehab stuff, so that's something.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Glamour Shot Envy

Kristina is hosting a glamour shot party over at her blog today and I have turned a serious shade of green.

All my life I wanted to have a glamour shot!! I remember the ones my older cousins got together and couldn't wait till I was "mature" enough to do that with my cousins. I planned so many times what I would wear, how I would pose, how I'd do my hair. Or rather, how I'd have my hair done since I don't know how to do anything besides brush and straighten my hair. I even had a photographer picked out! He took my baptism pictures, my performing-with-an-orchestra-newspaper pictures, our family pictures, he's even promised to come out of retirement for my wedding pictures. (He's not retired yet, but clearly he will be if that time ever comes.)

Bottom line? I never got my glamour shot! I waited patiently to get my braces off: nothing. Waited till I turned 16: nothing. Waited till I graduated: nothing. Not fair. The closest thing I have to a glamour shot it at the bottom of this post which totally doesn't count cuz there was no glamour involved and I never had any delusion that what I was doing could be considered glamourous.

When do I get my glamour shot? If you want to see pictures of the lucky people that DID get their glamour shots, go here.