Monday, April 21, 2008

Hmm. That's Weird.

Those three words have become the bane of my existence. Sometimes, there's even a "really" added into it, at which point it becomes a four-word phrase that I hate as badly as the four-letter words I refuse to use.

The reason for this phrase and its constant presence in my life is that technology hates me. And no, I am NOT being paranoid. I have proof. What proof-you ask? Why, I shall tell you.

Example 1:
-I'm living in Nauvoo for my semester *inbroad. We have a computer lab in the basement and everyone is supposed to go sign in with a specific password on the first day of the semester at which point they can change it to a password of their choosing. Well, I did that. And then-I was never able to log into the computers under my own login again. Ever.
So, I tell Brother Ivie-the resident computer teacher/expert/repairman. He resets my name and has me do it again. Still doesn't work. He says, "Hmm. That's weird."
I had to use my friend, Nicole's, password the entire semester. I didn't like it cuz it was annoying. She didn't like it cuz the password was her boyfriend's name and she was embarrassed. Just kidding-I don't think she cared. But that would have been funny. Right?

Example 2:
-I'm back in Provo. I work at this place. We all have outlook accounts. For six months (six months!!) I cannot log into my account correctly. I have to use a ghetto version of outlook that makes life altogether too difficult.
I talk to the tech support people constantly to ask for help. What do they say? "Hmm. That's weird." Right...thanks for the help.

Example 3:
-So, I have a TV in my room. It's a total of 12.7 feet away from the TV in the living room, which operates sans technological issues. Mine, however, does not. There are 3 channels that are in Spanish. Not Spanish channels, mind you, but NBC, TBS and TNT. Also, ABC and Nickelodeon don't even have any sound. And A&E has sound, but it's actually someone describing what's going on in the scene. Like they'll say, "Steve Martin frantically rips apart the packages of hot dog buns as a suspicious clerk begins to edge forward and demand what is going on." I kid you not, folks. Do you wanna know what the TV repair-guy said? "Hmm. That's weird." I know, right? You know what else is weird? The fact that I watch shows on all of these channels.

Example 4:
-I just bought a new phone. (And I'm in present time now. This was last week.) Apparently there's some sort of transfer with some sort of thing called a SIM card. It should move my numbers over between old phone and said new phone. Does it? If you're wondering about that, it's possible you haven't being paying attention to this post at all. So, I call tech support people. They walk me through the transfer (that I've already done and re-done). Still doesn't work. Say it with me this time people: "Hmm. That's weird." Gee-thanks for your technical support.
So-I go in person to have it fixed. Guy #1 repeats the action I've already done FOUR times. Does it work? No. What does he say? "Hmm. That's weird." I'm thinking, What? The fact that the numbers aren't there, or the fact that it didn't work even though I told you I'd already done that FOUR times?!
Then-I have a weird icon on my new phone that won't come off. Guy #2 says it means there are too many messages saved. Dude-it's a new phone. There are a total of zero messages saved. Any guesses as to his response?
If you said, "Hmm. That's weird," you're wrong. He said, "Hmm. That's really weird."

By the way-these are not all the examples of my technological curse; it extends to my GPS, DVD/VCRs, iPods, my new computer, staplers...wait. Staplers? Okay, maybe they don't have anything to do with technology, but I break every single one I use so I'm sure there's a connection there somewhere.

Also, this is my new phone. It's red. Cute, huh?

*This is akin to "abroad," only I was still in America.


e. said...

OMG. So my phone. Only without the grey thing on the bottom. I knew we were soulmates from the beginning.

Deven & Shelley said...

Hi hon....I have made a very official decision about something - You OFFICIALLY have the best blog to read. I love that you up date it, and also get my brain thinking. Thanks for your stories! I hate "that's weird" too. It' the worst when a doctor says it!! HEHE!


Barbaloot said...
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Tiffany said...

Barb, you're hilarious. and I 100% agree with Shells.

Emily said...

Hmm, that's weird :)

Buffy Dayton said...

Cute phone Barbs. I hate technology most of the time too, you know my computer was being dumb, I was DONE with technology. But yeah, "that' really weird" why do they have to make things so difficult. Ps, I am very curious what comment got deleted. another ps I am going to post something on my blog that will surprise you, it surprised me....keep looking at my blog for details.