Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hollywood vs. Real Life

-There's a beautiful young girl whose hair always looks perfect, she can eat whatever she wants and excels at some sort of amazing skill. A good-looking, kind, smart, funny, sensitive, athletic, popular (and usually wealthy) guy likes her but for some unexplainable reason she isn't interested in him because she's too busy/scared/confused/otherwise occupied etc. Does this stop him? Of course not! He continues to pursue her and she finally decides she likes him, too. Conveniently enough, he's still around despite that fact that she's shafted him 8 or 9 times and he's still just as willing as he was at first to be with her. They kiss. 

Real Life
-Girls spend a lot of time trying to look good and stress over everything they wear and whether or not the guy they like will think she looks good. Little do they realize, it'll be a miracle if the guy can even remember later whether she had on pants or a skirt. 
Not only that, but whatever guy a girl is obsessing over is probly a little bit of a self-centered jerk who might hang out with her if she puts all the effort into getting things set up, but otherwise she'll probly never see him, let alone have him ask her out multiple times without giving up cuz he's just that determined. Yeah right.
And even though she knows in her heart she can do so much better she's hoping she's wrong about him. And every time he does something that tells her he's no good, she ignores it. And every time he comes through and surprises her, he wins her over, and she loses her own argument that he's not for her.


meg said...

Oh how true you are... and well quoted... I miss your face- and will miss you more in 2 weeks when I am stuck at that office without you! I hope you are having fun in AZ.. despite the sort of depressing post here!

Hoggards said...

All I can say is I'm so glad I'm past all that. I was that way! Come to find out, my now husband, didn't care about most of those things. Oh well. It's all over. Good luck for you! Someday along will come that perfect guy for you and it will be magic the way things work out! I have no doubt, Barbs!

Barbaloot said...

For the record, that last paragraph is paraphrased from the movie "Holiday." Ironically enough, a Hollywood movie that actually gets it right for once:)

Page said...

Last week, I was reading a Dr. Seuss bed-time story with my nephew, and BAM! There were the Barbaloots eating Truffula Fruits! You have a cool name.

Buffy Dayton said...

Oh Barb, don't be silly, any guy would remeber if a girl was wearing a skirt vs pants! Just kidding. Bitter much? Kidding again!

Johnny and Angela said...

Are you dating someone?

Barbaloot said...

No-Ang, not dating anyone.
And don't worry everyone. I'm not bitter or sad or lonely (except maybe I'm sometimes lonely:) ). I just watched movies last weekend that make me mad at Hollywood.
And jealous of pretty girls.
And mad at dumb boys.
Wait....maybe I am bitter?