Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Here's my day so far:
-6:46: alarm clock goes off. Hit snooze.
-6:55: alarm clock goes off again. Glare at it, turn it off and roll/fall out of bed to say prayers.
-6:56-7:16ish: Do remainder of "Five Things" that mom made us do when we were young. Say your prayers, brush your teeth, make your bed, do you hair, get dressed. Somewhere along the way do make-up was added to that routine.
-7:17: Turn on TV to watch "Saved By The Bell" while I eat breakfast and get lunch ready to take to work.
-7:34: Leave for work.
-7:47: Arrive at work.
-8:00: First wave of boredom hits; *check gmail. Curse everyone I know for not sending me an email.
-8:04-10:30ish: pretend to work while trying to not die of boredom.
-10:34: Second wave of boredom becomes too strong to resist. Check gmail again. Bless my mother for emailing me!! Bless her even more for being long-winded and keeping me entertained for awhile.
-10:39: Back to work.
-10:40: I'm bored again.
-10:41-11:20ish: *Blog surf my favorite (and even some non-favorite) blogs while I pretend that I'm working.
-11:21: Check gmail again. Hooray for Buffy emailing me!!
-11:23: Curse Buffy for writing a short email. I am not satisfied. I don't care if you're sick.
-11:24: Okay fine. I do care that you're sick, Buffy. I'm sorry.
-11:25-1:45: Mechanically push buttons on the keypad of my phone and computer. I think I may have had some conversations in there with students-but it's all a blur now.
-1:45-2:45: Blessed lunchtime. Eat, go for a walk, do more useless blog surfing...
-2:46: I hate work.
-2:47-3:01: Have a useless conversation with co-workers in attempt to stave off boredom.
-3:02: The conversation didn't help. Bored.
-3:14: *Finish this post.

Only 1 hour and 46 minutes left of work....

*I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed at work. I'm also pretty sure that HR would not know how to deal with someone dying at their desk of boredom, so for now I'm willing to risk it.


Buffy Dayton said...

seriously barb, you are so funny! I love it! That was a fun post. I am so sorry you are totally bored all the time at work. I am also so for writing you a short e-mail. Next time it will be longer! Thanks for being sorry I am sick (yes, I am still sick getting better though) I was a little offended when you said "I don't care if you are sick" By the way, I like this song....Augustana....pretty good, I like those legs on the cover of the CD too, did you know they were my legs? YEP, they are!!

Johnny and Angela said...

Okay, you are hilarious! If you are so bored, why don't you get a new job? Call me, we apparently need to chat.

Dusty said...

Ok - so My last day as your 'boss' was march 26th.. and only a few days later your that bored? I didn't know i kept everybody so busy and entertained... :)