Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Favorite Mistakes

You know how you're supposed to learn from your mistakes? And not repeat them? Well, I don't. That is, I don't learn from them. I do repeat them. But, in my defense, not all of them. I'm not sure if this is cuz I'm stubborn or stupid or I have a selective memory. Either way, here are some things I haven't learned yet.

-Vanilla extract doesn't taste good! It may smell like heaven, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't taste like heaven. 
-Going a week without exercising, and then expecting to be able to run 6 miles without pain is not possible.
-Buying bananas that aren't ripe hoping that you'll have more time to eat them doesn't work.
-V8 is disgusting.
-Keeping in touch with old crushes/boyfriends/obsessions is not necessarily a good idea.
-A slight deviation in a diet does not necessitate a complete u-turn. I mean, eating one cookie does not then mean you eat 10 more cookies cuz "you already screwed up." Even if it is fun.
-I don't tan. Seriously-I've tried and failed numerous times. Here's the latest documentation.


Hoggards said...

Aww man, this totally makes me miss hanging out with you! I think you're wrong on the cookie thing! :)

THE J. Crew said...

Barbara I love your blog!! You're a great writer so it makes it fun to read :D Btw, what are you doing in AZ??
-Marcie Jessee

Buffy Dayton said...

OUCH!!!! That doesn't look like something that you would do barb. I mean, this has never happened before, I wonder why it would happen this time. Cute blog page by the way!

Johnny and Angela said...

Poor Barb!

Tiffany and Cory Jones said...

ok....this so reminds me of another memory of you. Remember the time with the sun and some silly putty and a certain boy's name?? Yeah....you know what I'm talking about and I am laughing so hard right now!!

Becca said...

Okay, I hope you remember me from BYU IS, but I came across your blog while blog surfing. It's been a while! Thanks for dropping me off from work those few times and getting me into MxPx. :)
Glad to see you're doing well, despite your favorite mistakes :)