Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

So, if you hate your current phone with a fiery passion and are having issues with your current carrier, would you take the plunge and get an iphone? Even though it's gonna be about $20/month more? And even though your current contract isn't up yet?

If you hadn't seen or heard from a good friend in over a week, would you make 'missing person' posters to put on his car and door? And then, when he didn't think it was funny would you punch him in the teeth? Cuz seriously, it was really funny.

If you were going on a trip to the LA area, would you take the time to go to actual LA where they have the stars on the sidewalk and such?

Brown Toms or Red Toms? (Say red, cuz I actually already bought them)


Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I whine about my phone constantly. And I get mocked about it often as well. So I'm not the person to ask about that....

The missing person posters...HILARIOUS! I need to remember that for the future.

As for the Hollywood stars...I guess it depends on how into celebrities you are. We went to see them when were there a while back and it was fun but certainly not the highlight. I recommend Disneyland and the beach. Oh, and Little Japan. That's actually in LA and is fun. Go during the day. And Olivera Street is awesome if you're a history nerd. Have fun!

Oh...and red. Definitely RED.

Kristina P. said...

I now know why the iPhone is a lot better, after having so many issues with my Android.

I love red shoes, so good call on that.

e. said...


Missing posters are a must, accompanied by a teeth punch, if necessary.

I WOULD go see the stars and such because I love me some famous peeps.

And yes, RED. Always red.

Emily said...

I'm still a cheapskate when it comes to phones so I'm not on-board with smartphones. They look fun, though. I hope you enjoy whatever you get.

Why were brown Toms even in the running next to red? I request a picture of them on your cute feet ;)

Garden of Egan said...

Red Shoes!
Famous people!
Punch in the teeth.


Garden of Egan said...

Seriously.........get rid of your phone. The planets will align and you will realize that you weren't able to really love without an iPhone.

LisAway said...

Red! :)

The poster thing makes you the best kind of friend in all the world.

And I personally would avoid Hollywood like the plague. And Actual LA, which I would consider more to be downtown. But then, having lived 1/2 hour away for so long I kind of don't see the thrill anymore (unless your with friends who haven't been, then it can still be fun).

Smart Helm said...

Isn't it great you get to decide on these answers all by yourself? :)

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

I can't justify getting a smart phone myself but I know Chris loves his (and it does come in handy often for me too!)
It's fun to do the LA thing once but if it's between that and seeing wonderful cousins just 40 minutes away, there's no question in my mind which you should do. :)

wendy said...

First...I don't have a cell phone SERIOUSLY
second...I hate it when people I usually hear from and love, don't contact me for a week or over.
My husbands mom freaks out when she doesn't hear from "her boy"
One time when he used to sail...she didn't hear from him in over a week, SO SHE CALLED THE COAST GUARD to go find him
Barry said he and his friend were enjoying a quite night in the boat...when a helicopter hoovered over them and asked "are you Barry Resvick" your' mom needs you to call.
Barry told her if she didn't knock it off, she get a public nusiance ticket.

I don't know what Red or Black Toms even are????

Connie said...

Hubby got an iPhone last week. He Loooves it! But then he had a lame-o flip phone that he actually used as a phone! Imagine!
Red shoes!
A good punch in the teeth makes everyone feel better!

Heather Dayton said...

If you can afford the iPhone - do it! I would. :) And I would definitely pick the red ones, so good choice!

Nana said...



Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

1) Yes, do it!
2) Punch him
3) Go to LA
4) Red, or Black Glitter, like mine ;)

Tiffany said...

I'm a little late....but get the iPhone. And you're going to LA?! Totally jealous. Call me and I will tell you where to go and how to get there. Hollywood is not that neat, ps.
And the red Toms are adorable. Good choice.