Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Annoying Girl

I became the person I try to avoid last night.
I was fully exhausted after my fun trip home-and those of you that know me well know what happens when I'm exhausted. I get all sneezy and sniffy.
So, I board the plane and try to sit far away from people that have ears so I won't bug anyone, but I still was surrounded. So, I spend the entire flight sneezing, sniffing and blowing my nose and pretending like it wasn't really that bad and that the people sitting near me couldn't really hear or tell that I was miserable. Of course, we all know they heard me and were annoyed that they had to sit by the obnoxious girl. I know that's how I would have felt.
At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that allergies aren't contagious so it's not like any of them suffered further once we de-planed.


Nicoletta said...

Ahh...sneezing fits by Barb, unique to you my friend. Sad I missed you, sad I didn't get to relive a good sneeze attack. I always found it funny rather than annoying, but then I also really like you.

Miranda said...

so were there a lot of people on the plane with no ears? just curious...