Thursday, October 11, 2007

History Lesson

Happy Columbus Day!
I'm expecting that there are two responses to that. The first is those thinking, Hey-I thought Columbus Day was Monday. Well, you're wrong. That's the bank/U.S. Postal Services' attempt to give themselves a three day holiday. The audicity of changing the actual date a historical event happened is something I can't even begin understand. Surprising as it may seem, Columbus did not reach the shores of North America on the second Monday of every October. Weird-I know. But really, it was October 11th, 1492.
The second response, the one I'm aware would come from 80%* of Americans is Huh? That's right people; we actually have a Columbus Day. Why don't you know about it, I wonder? Well, because it's not talked about in schools, unless you work for the government you don't actually get the day off, and because the crazy PC activists want to pretend it didn't happen. Contrary to what they may tell you-it was a GREAT thing. It's one of the many reasons you're actually capable of sitting in a free country right now reading this blog. We shouldn't be embarassed, ashamed or sorry it happened. We should be grateful!
So-just remember when you're busy having a regular day on Oct. 11th. It was a huge day in history. It should be celebrated and revered, not swept under a rug.

*I made this statistic up-but it's probably too low. I dare you to pull a Jay Leno and walk the streets asking people if they know when Columbus day is.


Miranda said...

so my response to this was...oh yeah, it's columbus day. hey wait...why isn't school cancelled today? oh right, because they stopped doing that a few years back. how cool was that, we used to get school off for it. i think that if columbus is recognized in 1nephi 13? that we should prolly try to remember him today by not going to school.

Rachael said...

well said b la b. Sad that I didn't even know it was Columbus Day until someone called into IS and asked why we were working. I should have taken more cool history classes.

Emily said...

Pardon me for correcting, but I believe Columbus landed on October 12, 1492. Because of my school district's Fall Break, we didn't have school on the 12th, but we did actually celebrate Columbus day a few days early and we read lots of books about it. I am hopeful that the cheesy song I taught them about Columbus finding land in 1492 will stick with a few students!

Nicoletta said...

Wow, you're smart.

Tiffany said...

huh. thanks for the history lesson. Seems likely that you of all people would know something like that. :)

bd93 said...

Emily is right. I got a little excited and passionate about this post cuz I was so bugged at the changing of dates, that I wrote it and posted it 1 day too soon.
Columbus landed Oct. 12th. Thanks fo catching me on that, Em.