Monday, December 8, 2008

Awards and Syndromes

So, Rychelle is awesome and gave me an award! I thought for a minute it was gonna be a bowling alley---but I guess they couldn't figure out how they were going to ship that to my house.

I believe I am supposed to post a picture of said award on my blog...but since I'm brilliant and all, I have ZERO idea how to do so. But if you click on Rychelle's name, you can see a picture there.

As part of my acceptance, I'm supposed to list five things I love. But since I won an award I'm taking liberties and listing five disorders instead.
1. OJS: Over-reactive Jerk Syndrome. When a guy pulls out in front of you and makes you slam on your brakes. Then, to prove he (or, to be fair, she) did nothing wrong...he floors the brakes and takes off as fast as possible so it looks likes there's lots of space between the two cars.
2. TVMS: TV Movie Syndrome. When a movie you own is on TV and you decide to watch it. Despite the fact that you own it, and could put it in the VCR, DVD, or Beta machine and save watching commercials every 15 minutes. It's just not as fun that way...?
3. SLS: Slant-leg Syndrome. Only suffered by short people. When you lose your napkin at dinner, because your legs are too short to set your feet flat on the ground and so your napkin slides off your legs, requiring you to duck under the table less-than-gracefully to retrieve it.
4. PSS: Pencil-skirt Syndrome. Only suffered by girls...I hope. Trying to get into any car that is over a foot off the ground necessitating you either jump in (which I've tried and it's impossible), or hike up your skirt in order to enter the vehicle.
5. MAD: Monday Affective Disorder. Kind of like Seasonal Affective Disorder...but just for Mondays. When you wake up Monday morning and throw your alarm clock against the wall cuz you're mad (no pun intended) that today's not the day you have 1:00 church.

Now, if I knew how to post the pretty blog award to pass on to others, I would. But since I don't-here's who I would pass it on to if I could:
1. Buffy-cuz she's awesome and I'm her kids' favorite aunt. And seriously, go look at the post she has now before she updates cuz it's hilarious. Seriously.
2-6. Becky, Lisa, Sue Q, Becka, and Melissa because they are all legit followers of my blog which makes my head swell a tiny bit.


Kristina P. said...

Yeah, I don't have that whole slant leg syndrome. Because I am a super tall goddess. Well, the super tall part is correct.

rychelle said...

Well, since you posted these hilarious syndromes and I love them, this is a totally legit way to accept your award. ;)

And, thanks for the diagnosis. I'm pretty sure I suffer from some of these. But, not the jerky driver one. I'm an excellent driver!

Machen family said...

I love it! Those were so cool

Smart Helm said...

I just came to ur blog from um... I think BlokThoughts. I like your syndromes... and I got ur bowling alley comment cuz my friend just had us watch the beginning of that movie the other night.
Anyway.. that has nothing to do with anything, just wanted u to know I was lurking! I love ur syndromes.

Anonymous said...

Whoo, hoo!!! My second blog award!! This is so exciting!

I love that you can stalk a blog, or find out that someone has been stalking you, check each other's blog out a few times, make the leap and start following the blog, and then not be able to function on a daily basis until you've read the blogs you follow.

Yeah, Barb. I'm talking about you!

Thanks for the award. Seriously. And just for this, I'm putting you down for FIVE extra bonus chances on my giveaway!!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

Heidi Ashworth, here, coming over from Crash's blog. THe woodshed quote contest wasn't for the first one to get it right--everyone who gets it right gets an additional entry to my book giveaway contest. So, hurry over and comment on my blog and if you get the quote right, you get two entries (one is just for commenting).

Heidi Ashworth said...

Oh, and if you become a follower of my blog, you get another entry, because I am nothing if not a shameless blog-social climber. ;)

LisAway said...

I totally have TVMS.

Thanks for the award!!

Buffy Dayton said...

oh boy oh boy, I am going to have people actually looking at my blog! WAHOO! I don't know about this award, or how it works, do I have to list 5 disorders or what? I do love the PSS, and SLS, those are pretty funny!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hi Barbaloot! I'm so happy you made it the fab five on Mormon Mommies cause I already know you and love you.

Okay, I suffer from TVMS (You totally nailed that one) and SLS. Always hated my short legs. Can never sit comfortably through anything.

Barbaloot said...

Smart Helm---you can delurk anytime:) And bless you for knowing my qutoe!
And I love that so many of you have TVMS!
Buffy-originally you were supposed to list 5 things you're thanksful for. I just changed it cuz I'm like that. You can do whatever you want.

Barbaloot said...

Oh-and having both Crash and Heidi comment on the same blog in the same head just swelled some more. :)

Becka Babe said...

WOW! Does my award say FRA-GI-LE'?!?!?!
I've got to go see! Thanks, (and a little head swelling shouldn't hurt too much, just watch out for pins.)

T said...

oooh, being 4'11" I totally HAVE SLS - and when I combine it with the PSS we REALLY have problems... of course, tripling it up with the PMS is where the insanity begins!

JustRandi said...

What is with that TVMS?
It's crazy! I love your disorder list. So creative!

Randi said...

So funny! Sadly I have had all of these syndromes except number 3. Always been tall... which comes with its own set of syndromes.

CaJoh said...

Yes, my wife and I suffer from TVMS. Last night we started watching White Christmas but found out that the station was cutting out many of our favorite parts Snow was completely skipped… what's up with that.