Monday, February 14, 2011

Things I Love

I started writing this post about a week ago, but clearly I'm not that original as there are a few posts floating around today with lists of things people love. Anyway, here's mine.
1. Penguins

2. I love going to bed on Saturday nights knowing I can sleep in the next day.
3. Soccer

4. I love this song
5. Starting a new book
6. The rain
7. Hide-a-bed couches
8. Girls' night (which apparently usually involves me dressing up in some way)

9. Two year olds

10. Cloudless skies

11. Muscle twitches
12. Barefeet

13. Germany

14. Summer

And in case you were wondering, I did get my treasure hunt yesterday. There was much yelling and confusion while a bunch of kids (ages 40, 32, 28 and 26) looked for their presents (Utah Senate blankets courtesy of this awesome lady). My dad had way too much fun this year making the hardest hunt ever that left people moving furniture, searching trees outside, and looking for something rustic that kept people warm (no, it wasn't the Navajo blanket).


Kristina P. said...

You have a lot to love!

Emily said...

Those are great things to love. Now I'm missing the sun and mountains. When will it be spring?

Cherie said...

First - I am loving the new look of your blog - Your header is awesome.
I also love this post because there are so many pictures of you - Yayyyyy!!
I love penguins too :-D

Glad you got your Scavenger hunt - that sounds like so much fun!

Kristen and Alex said...

Cute post! That is a good idea. I like that you love 2 year olds. I wish I felt the same way considering I have one. :-)

T said...

I love that you included muscle twitches - I don't know why, but I love 'em too...

and right about now I'm wishing that you'd been a neighbor back when we did our eighties bash for ManOfTheHouse's 40th b'day... our guests were L.A.M.E. about dressing up and my kids and I were the only ones with side pony tails and leg warmers :)

Kazzy said...

I love a lot of the things you. Well, maybe not muscle twitches. :)

Ps. You are very photogenic.

Garden of Egan said...

You love muscle twitches? Even the ones in the eyelid?

Those pictures are darling. You are so cute!

Sounds like some serious treasure hunt fun!

LisAway said...

Oh, you're going to be such a cute old lady!! :) And I love starting a new book too. And two year-olds, but maybe three year-olds a little more. Happy V-day!

Smart Helm said...

Happy Valentines Day! A day late but then everythings half off. That's how my parents do it :-)

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Love the girl's night costumes, awesome!!! And you love muscle twitches!?!?!? WHAT!? I hate them. Makes me feel like I have a baby kicking in my thigh, or eye, or wherever they are, haha!

Kimberly said...

I LOVE that you love muscle twitches!!! I love them too, and most people think it's super weird. Thanks for your list. Makes me think of all the things I love too.

wendy said...

I love pretty much all those same things you love.
glad you enjoyed your treasure hunt.

and I love BLOGGERS, like you

rocslinger said...

What a cool song, love the old piano. Very fun post.

Becky Dayton said...

I love that picture of Mia. Also I'm so jealous that that you have treasure hunts on Valentine's Day. Why didn't my mom think of that? :) Also I'm usually one of those people that gives Valentine's Day a bad rap, but this year I loved it.

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

I love your list and pictures, especially of Mia and dressing up.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

That's a great list. I love your blog lists. And a treasure hunt is a genius idea! Totally stealing it for some future use. Thanks. ;o)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Fun list! I like the 'starting a new book' one. Muscle twitches huh? Thats one I wouldn't expect to see.

Erin said...

What a fun song! Do you like the song because of the video, or do you just like the song on its own too?

I also like girls' night out, but I don't get one often enough.

Johnny and Angela Dayton said...

Love the header and great post!

Connie said...

Glad you let us know that you were "dressing up" for girls night out!
Great list.

Sandra said...

This post made me crave blue skies, mountains, and the beach.
You're adorable!

Melanie Jacobson said...

1. I am very annoyed right now that my blog reader isn't pulling your blog like it should. Must fix.

2. My favorite animals in order are penguins, otters, and monkeys. But my husband still won't let me have a pet penguin.

~A said...

I have a friend who is absolutely terrified of penguins.

Apparently they look like they're "marching in attack" constantly. She has nightmares about it.

Just thought you'd like to know. =)