Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Song Questions

How exactly do Eskimos frolic and play?

What is the Feast of Steven?

Why are we telling scary ghost stories during Christmas?

Why is Michael Buble singing Santa, Buddy?

Does anyone else realize that Baby, It's Cold Outside is kind of a sketchy song?

Who is Jeanette, Isabella?

Did anyone else think it was "Troll the ancient yuletide carol," when they were little?


Garden of Egan said...

I have no idea what kind of stories or music you are listening to, but they sound like they are on crack! Seriously.

Eskimos don't frolic. It's not natural.

And Michael Buble......speaking of not natural.
Yikes.....Santa buddy. Sounds....icky.

Jeanette and Isabella...they are the chicks from that one place that takes the torches over to those guys that can't find their way without a GPS.

Another other questions? Let me know, I'm here to serve.

The Jessee Journal said...

I can answer one -- and I didn't find out the answer until this year either :) The "scary ghost stories" refers to A Christmas Carol and the ghosts who visit scrooge :)

Emily said...

I learned this weekend from Jenny Oaks Baker that Jeanette & Isabelle come from a French story of the two girls who went out to milk their cows in the morning, and found the manger scene instead, so they went to tell others to come see.

I guess with the mystery of the ghost stories, at least two now make sense. I scratch my head at the rest.

Kristina P. said...

I've seen several references to this Santa, Buddy, and I feel very lame to be the pop culture princess, and have no idea what this is about.

Becky Dayton said...

Eskimos frolic and play the eskimo way. The Feast of Steven is for all those boys named Steven. The only ghost stories being told during Christmas are those of Christmas Cupid or Muppet Christmas Carol. Michael Buble is really good friends with Santa. Why is that a bad thing? I hate the song Baby, it's cold outside. Jeanette Isabella is Santa's wife. Also, I'm really confused now...It doesn't say "Troll the ancient.." what does it say?

Cherie said...

Ok I am totally laughing because you are sooo totally right but I have never thought about them at all this way!
The "Scary ghost stories" I am sure refers to The Christmas Carol - after that I have no idea!
What a crack up!

Rachel Sue said...

You know, I was wondering about the scary stories the other day too. Really? Scary stories? Wrong holiday?

And is it not "troll the ancient yuletide carol?" :)

Adam and Lisa said...

I have always sung Troll--hmmmm, I guess that would not make sense, though, now that I think about it....What is the word? It reminds me of our ketchup, Patti incident.

Smart Helm said...

Don't even get me started on we aren't leaving without any figgy pudding.

Or Grandma getting runned over. How is that fun?!

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

I've never heard Santa, Buddy, but it sounds weird. I have no idea about the feast of Steven, but lets be honest, I don't know who Good King Wenceslas is either.
Also, I realized yesterday we never did Nutracker Duets- my chance has come and gone. Dang.

kwistin said...

until, um, this post, i still thought "troll the ancient yuletide carol" was what it was.....