Thursday, December 1, 2011


Sometimes I try to turn my car off before I put it in park.
Sometimes I buy an entire book of music in order to get one song.
Sometimes my mom finds my dad's old banjo and before she can sell it I decide I want to take banjo lessons.
Sometimes I use my GPS if I'm more than 20 miles from home. Okay-that's all the time.
Sometimes I wish it were appropriate to wear pajamas to work.
Sometimes I think I want to try bikram yoga even though I actually loathe and despise yoga.

What do you do sometimes?

Also, December is my favorite month.


Garden of Egan said...

Go for it. Than I wanna hear some of it.
I am one of the lucky ones that get to wear my pajamas to work. That what scrubs look like anyway.

Emily said...

Sometimes I only eat cookie dough for an entire day. I get addicted and nothing else sounds good. Not a good thing to do.

Lara said...

Sometimes the only thing I ingest all day is hot chocolate. (Like, today.)

Also, sometimes I do most of the things on your list, too. Except the banjo thing, but only because my dad never had one.

Becky Dayton said...

Only sometimes you wish it were appropriate to wear pajamas to work? I'm more on the side of ALL TIMES with that one. My hot pink footsie pajamas with cats on them would help me be respected. Also, my nightgown is awesome. "Besides, I look pretty in it."

Sometimes I write my cousin awesome letters with horrible pictures.
Sometimes I watch horrible but wonderful Christmas movies recommended by same cousin. P.S> - DO NOT watch A Boyfriend for Christmas. Bad news.

wendy said...

those were great.
I have always had a secret longing to play the banjo.
sometimes, I step on the gas when I meant to step on the brakes, does not always end well. Nearly drove through my garage wall one time.

Cherie said...

Sometimes I finish a book and then go back and read my favorite parts again :-D

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Um, all of the above and more!?!?!? Except the banjo. Oh, and just did the first one this morning.

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

I didn't know your dad played the banjo- that's awesome.
Sometimes I wish you'd come visit me in California.

lesa said...

Hello, new to your blog. Sometimes I take a nap at 10am in the morning. :)