Thursday, January 5, 2012

Apparently it's 2012

I guess no one in my neighborhood made resolutions to exercise more. Or if they did, their schedules are different than mine cuz I haven't had to fight anyone for the treadmill at the clubhouse. Cheers to that.


I have a new niece. Her name is Macie and so far she really likes me.


I heard Taylor Swift is going to play Eponine in the new Les Mis? It's nice that Hollywood listened to me on the Hugh Jackman thing and all, but I guess they didn't hear me say Lea Michelle would do a better job than Taylor. I think Taylor's great, but she's not Eponine.


I'm liking the "warm" weather we're having, but I severely distrust it. It just means it'll probly be snowy and cold all the way into April.


Happy New Year! My word for this year, I just decided, is EXCELLENT. We should all be EXCELLENT to each other.


Kristina P. said...

I am thinking we will have snow into July.

Garden of Egan said...

I totally distrust this weather. I feel like I'm being lulled into this security of a garden and green grass.

Emily said...

Unless Taylor has some incredible hidden vocal style we haven't heard, I will be hoping she turns down the role as Eponine. But really, we'll all just be watching Hugh anyway, right?

Have an EXCELLENT New Year :)

sara said...

I'm not a Taylor fan. I like some of her recorded songs, but anytime I hear her sing outside of a studio, when she doesn't have the blessing of editing, She's always out of key. I agree Lea Michelle would be way better.

Kazzy said...

Nice to not have to fight people for the treadmill, although I guess you could count the fighting as another workout. Lol

Just SO said...


And I also distrust this weather. It's making me highly nervous.

Smart Helm said...

Rock on!

Cherie said...

What an Excellent post to go with your Excellent word.
I too think Mother Nature is playing with us just to bash us at some unexpected moment in time.

I totally agree on the Taylor Swift thing - she is not Les Mis material. Ugh.

Hey Girl - Happy New Year!

Connie said...

A new niece, lovely weather, having a treadmill all to yourself and a word for the year. EXCELLENT!!

Kristen and Alex said...

Seriously....I think summer is going to suck like last year because this is WAY too warm for winter. Not cool at ALL!

Becky Dayton said...

I'm hoping that it will snow until April and you go crazy in the cold and come visit me in sunny California. After April 15th of course. :)

The Purcells said...

I so agree with the warm weather. Rather than enjoying it, I am dreading it dragging on later than usual!

wendy said...

I used to hate how everyone jammed into the gym for Jan. and Feb...and then settled down.
ya know ...I have NEVER seen Les Mis. so I don't have an opinion on this one.
I am SURE your new niece likes you Now...and will Later.
your new word....EXCELLENT.
I was commenting on someone elses blog about her new word, and I was mentioning that I didn't have one.
I said maybe I'd try to be more
see, we think alike.

Chris and Sara Waldron said...

I agree with Becky- you should visit us in CA where weather is a little more predictable. :)
Also, I'm glad Macie likes you, and I'm not so glad to hear about Taylor Swift- I don't really picture her being a good fit.
Excellent post.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Every sunny slightly warm day I think the same thing about winter lasting into my spring. :) It just can't happen.

I did not hear about Taylor Swift playing Eponine. Hm. That'll for sure take some getting used to!

Also cool beans that no one is taking your treadmill. Every January I dread all the newbies that will only last a few weeks.

LisAway said...

Happy Excellent New Year!

I hope Macie continues to like you forever and ever.

Melissa Bastow said...

The warm weather is excellent. But it would also be excellent to have a warm spring and summer. So the weather just better stay excellent. And also, it's excellent that you don't have to share the treadmill. And super excellent that your niece likes you so much. And also I think Macie is an excellent name, so excellent, in fact, that I wanted to name one of my girls that, but my husband didn't think it was such an excellent name at all, but what does he know?

Camille Hoggard said...

I have always had it in my head that Eponine was a brunette with a lot of sass.
And I agree on the weather thing...distrust is a great word for how I feel as well.