Friday, November 16, 2007

You Have to Eat the Bad to Get the Good

'Member that one post I wrote about lame fortune cookies. 
Well, I got a really good one the other day...finally. Seriously, I don't know how many fortune cookies I had to eat before I got a for real fortune, but this was fully worth the wait. And it follows all the parameters that fortune cookies should. Well, the only parameter, which is that is should include an actual fortune.

You will inherit a large sum of money.

Sweet! I don't know where or when this will happen, but I'm pretty sure I'm thrilled. What do I plan to do with my money, you ask? I'll tell you.

1. Quit my job. Work Schmirk.
2. Find a guy that wants me to be his sugar mama. I can cuz I inherited a large sum of money, remember. I'm not getting any guys off my stellar looks and winning personality so I'll have to snag them with my money.
3. Go to Germany-cuz I've always wanted to. Oh wait...I'm already going there. Okay, I'll upgrade to first class.
4. I'm open to suggestions from here. If you have good ideas for me please share. I've got a large sum of money to spend, you know.


Nicoletta said...

suggestion 1 - take me to Germany with you.
suggestion 2 - buy the Hershey's factory
I'll keep thinking of more...

Nicoletta said...

Why are you going to Germany????

Nicoletta said...

Dear Barb,

I got to ride a horse a couple of weekends ago. It was very fun, but my behind was very sore for a few days after.

I love posting comments on your blog because your posts are so funny, creative, and so YOU. I can hear your voice as I read them.

So, suggestion 3 - start a company that makes fortune cookies, the kind with real fortunes in them.

Tristano said...

Can I have some of your extra money?

bd93 said...

Depends on how big this "large sum" ends up being...