Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Make It Stop!!

Despite all my efforts to stop time and not grow up, it's happening anyway. And the effects on my movie-viewing psyche are very unsettling! I used to be the girl for whom made-for-TV movies were created. Bring it on ABC Family and Disney; I'll be there to watch everything you create. And I'll like it, too.

But now, I'm starting to be critical of these simple-minded works of art. In addition to growing older, I blame Eric Snider. I blame him heavily. His movie reviews are fantastic! I love their caustic sarcasm. But now I find that when I watch movies I'm criticizing the characters, the writers, the actors…all of it! I think, That wouldn't happen in real life! What are you thinking? Why don't you write about a realistic situation? Or, have the characters react like normal people? It's really affecting how I view my once-loved movies, and it's all Eric's fault because he pointed those mistakes out to me in the first place. And it's growing-up's fault for making me appreciate what Eric says. Now, I'm afraid to watch my favorite Mary-Kate and Ashley movie, Winning London. What if I'm too sophisticated for it now?!

Dang you, Eric Snider and growing up! Dang you both to Hades!!


adam said...

[Gasp!!!] Movie sinner!!! Who am I going to watch and talk about all of those with now?!?!?!

e. kunz said...

Yes, negative 20. SO COLD! We don't know if Will is getting married, but I'm pretty sure that he thinks this chicka is it. I don't, but that is just me. I've met her once before and I was stoopider after it. My blue wall was completly purposeful. I love it. I mean, the wall was white and had LOADS of nail holes and yes, even some real holes. Oh, and Picketing Emily is no more. Good things never last, do they? ;)

Emily said...

I have a hard time believe that you could stop enjoying such movies. I hope it hasn't affected your enjoyment of The Inheritance or our favorite Olsen sister movies!

Nate said...

I miss your cutting sarcasm. You're great, and if you by chance find a way to make growing up stop let me know. I am trying out making faces at people - so far so good.