Monday, March 24, 2008

I Got The Mostest!

What I've learned recently is that you're never too old for anything as long as there is competition involved. Case in point; the Easter Egg Hunt.

I have fond memories of this throughout the years; my family would always line up according to age to go search for the multiple chocolate treats hidden in my dad's gynecologist office. (The favorite hiding spot was in the stirrups...) Anyhow, as the years have passed my brothers started protesting that they were too old for such things, but their actions when the hunt begins would suggest otherwise.

Yesterday, as my 4 year old niece and 2 year old nephew started their search, rather than watch them discover the candy and help them out, Joey, Perry and I slowly started edging our way around the room grabbing our favorite treats, stepping in front of, or on, the children in an effort to get the most. 

The important thing is I won.


Hoggards said...

Barbs, that is the cutest picture of you! I love it! It was great seeing you this past weekend! Thanks for setting it up!

e. kunz said...

Wow, Barb. I wonder where you are in the pic?

alisonrobison said...

Cute picture! You look exactly the same just a foot taller. :)

Tiffany said...

That pic and story is awesome. love the whole stirrup bit. it's slightly odd, but very funny! :)

Emily said...

Okay, how lame am I. First of all, I am just now looking at your past blogs. Then, I just called Nick over to tell him how much your "niece" looked like you. I really couldn't believe the resemblance. Good thing the others who commented were smarter than I and realized the the girl in the picture really WAS you! Ha, don't I feel silly!