Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm in a Pickle!

Not to be confused with my cute niece, Pickles. Seriously, isn't she such a cute baby?

But anyway, my pickle comes in the form of being healthy. We're told by a gazillion (I counted) different authorities that we need to drink at least 64 oz . of water a day. Right? So, this is fine with me. I like water. A lot. And I make a habit of drinking it throughout the day. But either I have a ridiculously small bladder or very effective kidneys because it seems like I have to use the bathroom at least once per hour! Let me tell you, this does not
make for an effective day at the office. Plus, my co-workers and boss are probly starting to think that I'm just a huge slacker. Do you know how frustrating it is to use the bathroom, and as soon as you sit back at your desk feel like you need to again?! I have to put time limits on myself so I don't get up more than once in a hour! And according to Jim Carey in "Liar Liar" that may not be healthy....

So what do I do? Drink enough water to be healthy, but be a bad employee? Or, not drink enough so I can be a more effective worker? Or, just try and drink it all after work? And, what's going to happen next weekend when I drive to Utah and have to spend more than an hour at a time in a car without the option of taking a break....? Yikes!


Adam & Lisa said...

Hahaha! Good luck when you're pregnant!!!!!!

Hoggards said...

Seriously - to the comment above - that's what I was thinking the whole time I was reading this entry! Your bladder is much smaller then, good luck with that one. :) P.S. Your new little niece is dang cute! That's a good pic.

Nicoletta said...

That is quite a pickle. Tristan is experiencing some of that same frustration as he attempts to drink enough water to compensate for all the water he loses while training for a marathon. But, that's not what is important. The most important thing is that you are driving to Utah this weekend?!?!?!? Do I get to see you since I missed you last time?

Buffy Dayton said...

I say keep drinking! I don't know, maybe I am weird, but I love to go to the bathroom a lot! I feel like I am cleansing my bladder! I know sick and wrong, but totally true! LOVE THE PICTURE!!!

FurrFun said...

K- So I was just watching the nightly news and they have been doing a lot of research on how much water you need to drink to be "healthy" and they-meaning the experts now say "drink when you're thirsty." You don't have to be drowning in water to be healthy because a lot of the water that you need comes from the food you eat. Even bread has water in it. SO, that's my two cents from a health teacher who watches the news! Take care my dear!

Johnny and Angela said...


Study questions health benefits of drinking large amounts of water.

ABC World News (4/2, story 9, 1:55, Gibson) reported, "There's new research out today that's challenging what many of us think is true about water, how much we should drink and why."

The authors of the new study conducted an analysis of "any research that they could find [linking] water consumption and health," and "they say they came up with surprisingly little" information.

The "new study says there's no solid evidence that the average healthy person actually needs" as much water as was previously thought. The researchers' advice is that "your body will tell you when you need water, [so] drink when you're thirsty."

Reuters (4/4) reports that "[p]eople in hot, dry climates and athletes have an increased need for water, and people with certain diseases do better with increased fluid intake,...[b]ut for average healthy people, more water does not seem to mean better health," according to the study's results, which were published online Apr. 2 in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology.

Deven & Shelley said...

You are to dang cute! What a interesting dilemma to post on a website. That is such a deep Barbara question.

I love John and Angie's post. Very informative! I have heard the same thing- that you should figure out how much water YOUR body needs (just enough so when you do go to the bathroom, your urine is a light yellow!).

As a school teacher I couldn't drink the "recommended amount" or the kids would be constantly alone!

Tiffany said...

haha! this post is awesome. And I agree on the being pregnant thing. there is nothing more frustrating then using the restroom, then leaving the bathroom and feeling the need to go again. What the?!? I would have to talk myself out of almost wetting my pants, since I knew there was no way I could wet my pants when I had just gone!