Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lousy Smarch Weather

You know, turns out that March is my least favorite month no matter where I live. I used to dread it in Utah because it was so fickle. And LONG! There is no break for school, no holiday worth mentioning (except this year, because for some reason Easter has managed to land in March) and it pretends to get warm, and then says, "JK-I think I'll go back to freezing temperatures. Fooled you." 
Well, it's not too different here in AZ. Granted, the weather overall is more warm, but it's still fickle. And I'm still going to be forced to acknowledge the existence of a holiday whose sole purpose in this modern day is to instigate pinching wars. 

On a completely unrelated note; PICKLES IS HERE! Buffy had her little girl on February 28th. And no, she and Joey did not name her Pickles; but I will call her that. They named her Mia. I'm assuming she's cute, as the two of them have had successful ventures in child-making before. I'll know for sure in two weeks!!
For those of you who have been wondering-Buffy is not in trouble. I was afraid Pickles was going to arrive on Leap Day. But, I already called that day for my own child's birthday and didn't want Buffy to steal it. One day, I'm going to have twins and I want to have one on Feb. 29th and one on March 1st. Won't that be awesome? Or, if that doesn't work out, then I'll have one on Dec. 31st and one on Jan 1st. That could be even more awesome, cuz they'd be in separate Primary classes. 


Hoggards said...

Wow, haven't met very many women that WANT to have twins, and already have their birthdays picked out. Good luck with that one. And P.S. I happen to think that March is a marvelous month, and the 28th is a sweet day!

Buffy Dayton said...

YEAH pickles is here, and I will have you know that any time I call her that Kylee says..."You mean Mia?" I think it is funny! Thanks for pretty much dedicating a whole post to me and my cute kids, oh, and March weather. can't wait to see you semi-soon!

Johnny and Angela said...

I always giggle at the things you think of...twins, birthdays, nicknames. You are funny!