Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Feel Like I'm Talking/Writing About Myself Too Much

I've been tagged by Buffy. Stay tuned to upcoming posts find to out why she may or may not be in a huge amount of trouble...

Most embarrassing moment: Honestly-I can't think of one. That's not to say I don't get embarrassed---but, well I guess I don't. I do dumb things, feel sheepish...and then make myself forget they happened. To keep this entertaining though, I'll give you an example of something I remember. It all started my Senior year of High School (MVHS MVHS-the best!). I had just gone to my second class of the day and spent the next 5 minutes talking to my friend, Kim, about this REALLY hot guy in my 1st class. She kept trying to tell me something, I kept not paying attention, and as it turns out, she was trying to tell me that the really hot guy's cousin was sitting next to me. Awkward. I ended up going to a dance with him later that year. The cousin, not the hot guy. I don't think I ever talked to the hot guy...
Favorite foods: Didn't I recently answer this? Dead cow; preferably in steak form. Chocolate covered strawberries. String Cheese. Pink Lady apples. Mama's Chicken Stew.
Favorite vacations: Cokeville, WY; especially when riding horsies is involved. Park City. Scandinavia; summer of '01. DC with my friend, Vicki, to visit John and Ang and watch my favorite soccer players kick some Peruvian trash. Alaskan Cruise; summer of '07. Memorial Day weekends at PorterHouse in the Vegas. Trip out to NYC, just me and my dad; summer of '06.
Favorite TV shows: Biggest Loser! What Not to Wear. Rob and Big. Food competition shows involving cake and/or chocolate. Um...really, I'm captivated by Reality TV. It astounds me to see all the different types of people out there, what they will do with the whole world watching, how stupid they can be, or how's fascinating.
Three things most people don't know about me: (this is tough since everyone that reads this typically knows me quite well....)
1. I recently decided my new dream job (in addition to the wife/mother thing that continues to elude me) is to be a chocolatier.
2. The ocean absolutely terrifies me. Every aspect of it; the size, the things in it, the strength...all of it. Freaks me out.
3. I should have been a Psychologist, Therapist or something like unto that. Personality disorders are quite intriguing to me and I would've liked to learn more about them. Also, for some reason, people (both those I know and those I don't) like to tell me things; everything from secrets, to good news, to their frustrations. If I were a Psychologist I could get paid for listening!

Also, let's keep it in the family. I'm tagging the Eastern Dwellers.


Hoggards said...

I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out who that boy was in high school. And if you could go back in time, would you get up enough guts to talk to him????

Johnny and Angela said...

I didn't know you were scared of the ocean. I think your dream job sounds perfect for an O'Brien woman. Also, it's not to late to go back to school to become a Therapist --- in fact you'd be good at it because you are straightforward, honest, and not easily disturbed.

I just posted some way long posts so I'll complete the tag when John is home this week --- on THURSDAY!!! Yes, we won't be seeing him that much until then. Sad for us :(

Nicoletta said...

I didn't know you were scared of the ocean. Interesting...I wish you were a psychologist so you could give some deep meaning behind that fear.