Tuesday, February 5, 2008


The Standing Ovation has lost all of its meaning and importance.

You know how when you go to a performance, the program has an outline of what is and is not appropriate behavior? Like; don't talk on the phone, don't clap between movements etc. Well, an outline of how a standing ovation works should be included.

People seem to think that just because a performance ends it deserves thunderous applause and an immediate jump to your feet. Then, because one person does it, everyone else follows suit. Now, this could be because they don't know better or because they just can't see the stage anymore and so have to get up to see what's happening. I usually fall into the latter category.

Here's the deal, folks; if a performance was incredible beyond words, if it moves or inspires you or otherwise prompts you to attempt feats of incredible skill then, by all means, please stand up and applaud. If the performance was good and you enjoyed it and are glad you went, please clap as loud as you want but stay in your seat! Your unnecessary standing ovation only increases the size of the performer's head when, in reality, it should stay the same---or even shrink. Trust me when I tell you that performers already have big enough egos; they don't need undeserved praise to make them feel better about themselves.


Page said...

Oh, we are in TOTAL agreement about this one!! I have sometimes remained seated after a mediocre performance when some dude in the front stood up, and everyone followed suit. It was me and the wheelchair section sitting down, but I felt good about it.

Buffy Dayton said...

Oh barb, lighten up!! Just kidding. You are so funny, and what brings up all these random thoughts? You make me laugh!

Nicoletta said...

So who was standing and where? What was this performance that evoked unnecessary standing ovations?

e. kunz said...

Yeah, I knew someone would wonder about my class choice. I was doing a "wedding planning" emphasis BUT the classes for summer were crazy-conflicting soooo I changed and now I just have 14 more credits to graduate! Yeah! I applied for July grad today! So that's where that class fits in. And yes, I'll be able to do your flowers for your wedding.