Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Love...

I have no boy to love in the form of an unrelated, potential husband sort-so here's a list of other things that I love.

-String Cheese. Seriously, I don't know how it took until 3 months ago to realize I love this stuff-but I eat it on a daily basis now. So good!
-Pink Lady apples. One time, my friend Emily and I thought it would be a good idea to do the apple diet. It wasn't-but I learned the Pink Ladies are the BEST apples ever!! I won't eat any other kind now.
-Reality TV. I know; I'm shallow, but I find the characters on these shows fascinating!
-Hannah Montana. I know; I'm a child, but at least I have something in common with my 3-year old niece. 
-Warm weather. AZ in February is fun.
-Going to bed at night after a long, busy day knowing I get to sleep in the next morning.
-Finishing a really intense work-out.
-Soccer. Playing and watching!
-Sunday dinner. (Incidentally, I'm having a hard time thinking of things for this list that aren't food...)
-The fact that I'm not in school anymore.
-My sister-in-law, Buffy. And, since I love her so much-I'm posting pictures as per her request.
This may not be what she meant, but it's my most recent soccer injury. 'Member how I love soccer? In case you were wondering, my ankle is not that puffy in real life.


Buffy Dayton said...

Oh barb, you are the BEST!! First of all, you have a lot more than that in common with your tree year old niece! Just kidding....second of all, WHAT HAPPENED? How come I don't know anything about this. I feel like I know nothing about you any more. Are you a just way to busy for a long e-mail to me explaining what the heck is going on in your life? I miss you! I am sorry your ankle is puffy. Get better soon, and I should be having my baby soon, just in case you were wondering. Oh, and did I mention I miss you. And yes, I want pictures of your cute little face too okay? Okay. BYE

Hoggards said...

You crack me up Barbs! I miss you too! I think you're great. Happy V-day.

Johnny and Angela said...

We check your blog everyday to get our dose of Barb's humor because we love the way you write. I agree with Buffy, we'd love to see your cute face too. How are you getting around with such a sore ankle?

alisonrobison said...

And I love you Barb! Hope you get better soon :)

e. kunz said...

Ah, the apple diet. We were young and naive ;) I remember thinking that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I ate three apples a day. I don't think whoever said "anything" meant tacos, pizza, pasta, wraps, hoagies, fajitas, ice cream. Remember the protein shakes? Another stupid moment.

Tiffany said...

that's a pretty sweet injury, and a darling pedicure. I think you should add pedicures to the list of things you love, because they are delicious.