Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm A Doctor-I Know These Things.

This here is my Father. I think he's pretty dang cool and here are some reasons why:

-He's a real cowboy. I'm talking wranglers, belt buckles, President of the FFA, cattle rancher, hay baler, pack hunter, horse rider...the whole 9 yards.

-He can't whistle--but everybody loves it when he tries.

-He's a heck of a lot tougher than the other Dads I know, be they younger or older. He still beats me in long-distance races.

-He's a great card player. Not quite as good as me....but he gives me a little competition occasionally.

-He bought me my first dress. I was born in the middle of the night....and apparently was supposed to be a boy as they had no girl clothes prepared for me. So, after he made sure my mom and I were okay at the hospital, he went and waited at the store until it opened so he could be the first to buy his little girl a dress. 

-He's the most forgiving, charitable person I've ever known. He's kind to everyone and is never rude or hurtful.  Everyone that has come into contact with my dad, be it short or long term, has been exceptionally blessed by his kindness and his wonderful example of Christlike love. 


Buffy Dayton said...

AMEN!!!! You said it all! He is awesome.

Johnny and Angela said...

Agreed - Dad is basically awesome.

meg said...

he sounds so cute.... i love love it

Sy Rey & Julie said...

Barbara...I'm not a stalker I promise. BUT I found your blog. This is Julie (Jensen) from Price! It's crazy that I haven't seen you in like 15 years but could still recognize you!....and now hopefully you don't think I am crazy.

AlliSMiles said...

what a cute post. i love dads. and speaking of dads, i didn't see yours last night. but i did see your uncle. and aunt. the perrys, at a wedding reception. and your uncle tom wasn't too happy when i asked for a picture with him. but i took it anyway. :)

Tiffany said...

I sure do like that Dad of yours. You forgot to mention that he is a great doctor, too. and he broke his back so he's 2 inches shorter now. and he has 12 kids. that's quite the feat! :)