Wednesday, July 2, 2008

There is No Charge for Pure Awesomeness

My cousin and I decided to get pedicures yesterday and such we're such high-rollers we decided to spring for the ones at the salon academy. Among other perks found at such places, you get genius cosmetology students who come out and say, "I don't know how to pronounce your name." Now, I get that I have a grandma name and all, but I was under the impression it was pretty basic as far as pronunciation goes... Whatever. 

Anyway, there was a crazy woman there who was talking about how she lived in Egypt and Cairo in her past life. She also died in Pompeii. And she's terrified of the number 5. Right. That was a conversation I could've lived all my life without over-hearing and still been happy. 

Also, in case I wasn't sure if I was short or had small feet...pedicure people are always happy to remind me. Cuz they're sweet like that. The chair that one would normally expect to adjust to height didn't. Remember, cuz my cousin and I went to the really fancy place? Nice, yes? So basically, my feet didn't even reach as far down as they were supposed to. I looked like a little child sitting on a high stool with my feet dangling. And boy did I feel cool.


Hoggards said...

Seriously, what a loony lady! Who offers that information to people they don't even know? Crazy. I'm all about the cheap academies for pedicures! And yes I think your name is easy enough to read and say! :)

Matt said...


I'm curious if people tell you what you're supposed to do once they inform you that you're petite.


"You're really short. Do you race horses?"


"You're feet are really small. Do you ever fall over walking on such small things?"


"You're really short. Are you looking up my nose?"

I only ask because I'm apparently supposed to be a stellar basketball player with really clean rain gutters.

Tee hee... I just thought of those mini shoes I got you for your birthday one year. :)

Adam & Lisa said...

Haha, maybe next time we should try Dallas Roberts--or we could just put the money towards going to the Pompeii girl's tarot card reader. Yeah, that's definitely what we should do.

Tiffany said...

wow. bar-bar-a. It's really tough. I bet she could get it though if she sounded it out like she was in 2nd grade.

Emily said...

I love your little feet!

Anonymous said...

I've always spelled "overhearing" without the hyphen, but your spelling added new depth of meaning. (You didn't just overhear it, you way *over* heard it.)