Tuesday, August 19, 2008

God Bless The U.S.A.

Seriously-I really like America. I had fun in China and I am glad I went. But China is big. And it's crowded. And loud. And everyone has black hair. That didn't really bug me as much as the other three....but it's still true. The time I got separated from my Chinese sister-in-law it took about 8 years to find her in the crowd of people that look exactly like her. That's right. I was there two weeks, and I spent 8 years of those two weeks looking for her.

And would you believe that after traipsing all over China for two weeks I never once found a wise-saying cookie, let alone a fortune cookie?! Or beef and broccoli? Or orange chicken? What's with that?

That's all you get for my Asianic travels right now. You see, I'm still on Chinese time which means I'm busy hanging out in tomorrow while the rest of you are still stuck in today. I don't want to ruin any surprises or risk some change of future events by telling you what happens...so you'll have to wait until we're back on the same wavelengths.

Plus, I just saw a guy walk past with a Panda Express to-go box and I wanna go get me some real Chinese food.


Marcie said...

Ok that was so funny I had to read it aloud to my husband. Two claps for you!

Shelley said...

Wow!! What a cool experience! I hope you got to see some swimming events - and those buildings they built are so rad! I'm SO excited to see pictures.

Shelle said...

Dang...and I was hoping you could fill me in on all the great Orange Chicken you had!

But you did try the scorpion and the tape worms right? I hear they are to die for!lol!

Glad your back...I'll wait until your back to today to talk about Breaking Dawn...what a shocker right? WIth Jacob! I freaked out...and had NO idea until I read the line that said it...shocker :)

Nicoletta said...

Glad your home! Love the post, though I didn't get my memory post of you up yet! Oh well, I can still post it even though your home. Can't wait to hear more!!!! (and glad to know we felt the same about Breaking Dawn. I knew we were friends for a reason.)

JD said...

got you added in my google reader. i have a feeling it'll be an enjoyable read.

Hoggards said...

Don't ya hate how everyone that goes foreign places comes back and tells you that your italian or chinese or whatever food isn't really how it is in that country. Lame I tell you. I guess that we just like "Americanized" everything eh?

AlliSMiles said...

Hey Barbara,
I just thought I'd let you know that this comes across as very offensive to me. I know you intended a lot of it as satire, or just a joke, but I felt an obligation to let you know because I know you wouldn't intend to be offensive. I would like to think that you appreciated more culture in China than is expressed in your posts and that you wouldn't just mock Asians for being different from White people.


Barbaloot said...


I'm very sorry. I had no intention of offending anyone. I really did have a lot of fun and appreciate the culture. That why I started out by saying I liked China...and the rest of it was pretty much just joking like my blog usually is.

If you look a few posts up I posted pictures that show all the things I did and say how much fun I had.