Friday, August 29, 2008

Letters to Stars

Dear Mary-Kate and/or Ashley:
Why go to the trouble of being anorexic if you're just gonna wear ridiculously baggy clothes?

Dear Susan Sarandon:
Just because you're famous doesn't mean you automatically know how the political world should work.

Dear Mark Paul Gosselar:
Will you please, please, PLEASE see that a Saved By The Bell reunion show is filmed? And soon?

Dear Olympic Athletes:
What's with not putting your hand over your heart and singing along to the National Anthem when your country is being honored?

Dear Kid from Boy Meets World:
What ever happened to Jack aka Matt Lawrence? He was totally the hottest guy on your show.

Dear Alicia Silverstone:
As If!

Dear Tom Hanks:
I think it's time you and Meg made another chick flick.

Dear North Star:
Word on the street is you're supposed to be bright and easy to find. Um, could you step it up a bit?

Someone Who's Never Actually Written A Real Fan Letter


Buffy Dayton said...

Dude, I have TOTALLY written a fan letter, kinda funny huh? I was in 8th grade, now you gotta guess who I wrote it to! Cute post by the way, what brought it on though?

Barbaloot said...

I'm gonna say you wrote it to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I can totally see that:)

And not a whole lot brought it on. My mind is just weird, I suppose...

Wendy Christensen said...

This was a very fun, creative post! :) I agree ... Tom and Meg so need to do another chick flick!

Hoggards said...

Umm...I think you should send letters that honestly just say that one little line. It would be funny! :)
PS... I knew nothing of Settlers back in HS. Does that mean you know about it, but aren't a fan???

Porters said...

I love it..I am glad to see your blog. I skimmed through some of it after you left a note on mine. This is good stuff.

Peter & Katie said...

have you seen mark paul gosselar's new hairstyle? ugh! he is on a new show on usa, i think and it is long and nasty. but i agree, definelty needs a reunion show.

Anonymous said...

The North Star totally is easy to find. (Or maybe that's just if you grow up with an avid amateur astronomer for a dad.) (Which, if you did, also makes it easy for you to be accidentally alliterative.)

(Click here and mouse over the image for good instructions on North-Star-finding.)

Anonymous said...

Dang Girl...these are hilarious!

fo shizzle

Christina said...

Barb, you crack me up. I think you should look into having a column in a newspaper - you'd do well!