Monday, September 29, 2008

7 Is My Favorite Number

I've been double tagged--so here it comes.


7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
1. Makes me laugh
2. Genuine
3. Thoughtful
4. Athletic
5. Ridiculously good looking (shut up---I am NOT shallow)
6. Red hair
7. Doesn't hurt if he plays guitar

7 of my Favorite Foods
1. Steak
2. Chocolate covered strawberries
3. Red Potatoes
4. Swiss Cheese
5. White Airheads
6. Hershey's kisses----just plain chocolate ones. No nuts---those are yuck.
7. Mama's wheat bread

7 Things I Can Not Do
1. Sing
2. Flirt
3. Curl my hair
4. Use an eyelash curler
5. Scrapbook
6. Use multiple exclamation marks or silly acronyms
7. Basically---I can not behave like a normal girl

7 Celebrity's I Admire
1. Paris Hilton. How amazing is it that she looked hot in her mug-shot?
2. Jessica Simpson. Cuz saving herself for marriage and then turning into a tramp right after is awesome, right?
3. Oprah. I only wish I could be that self-absorbed/self-promoting.
4. Brad Pitt. Way to leave your wife for another woman but make yourself look good by becoming all "Humanitarian" right after. Seriously, mad props to you.
5. George Clooney. Very impressive that you've chosen to remain a non-celibate bachelor to capitalize on your status as a heart-throb. I'm sure you'll find lasting fulfillment as a result of that.
6. Lindsay Lohan. I just think it's great that the little girls who love seeing you in Parent Trap now have such a wonderful role-model.
7. Cloris Leachman. Nice that you have aged gracefully by going on a reality TV show and acting like a child and dropping F-bombs all over the place.

7 Things I Say Most Often
1. For the love
2. I know, right?
3. Oh hey.
4. Oh, honestly.
5. Girl, I will cut you. Okay---I don't really say that, but Bon Qui Qui does and I kind of want to be her.
6. It's hot as a beast!
7. Right. About that.

7 Things I Can Do
1. Make killer apple pie
2. Remember dates like it's nobody's business
3. Play "When the Saints Go Marching In" on the harmonica
4. A spot on impersonation of Madam Mim
5. Destroy people's study habits---just ask my old roommates. I'm a pro.
6. Keep secrets
7. Find ridiculously awesome videos on youtube.

7 Things That I Plan To Do Before I Die
1. Go Parasailing. Okay-that was Trisha's answer, but I want to, too so I'm copying.
2. Play Somewhere Over the Rainbow on guitar. The Eva Cassidy version.
3. Run a marathon
4. Figure out what the heck happened to my iphoto stuff. Stupid computers.
5. Find a job
6. Eat lots of steak
7. Perfect an Australian accent

I tag whoever wants to do this---or anyone who answers to the name of Buffy.


Phannie said...

barb, you are such a hoot. It's too bad that I'm not named BUFFY.

Hoggards said...

Okay, LOVE the 7 things you can do. And I think I need to taste your killer apple pie sometime. My mouth is watering right now!!!

Buffy Dayton said...

Yeah, it is too bad she isn't named Buffy! I didn't know you could play harmonica, you will have to show me that sometime. I am going to do this right now! YEAH!!!!!! ( I can use multiple exclamation points, as you can see)

Rychelle said...

i was typig my comments when the computer froze up!
i was all don't iner-upt. rude!

anyway, apple pie is my FAVORITE!
just sayin.

made sweet said...

hmmm. barb as I remember, you were the one who dropped your glove...and I don't recall a Can't Get To Heaven song. Although I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case. It's hard to remember all the way back to...what was it fifth grade or something? So long ago. I remember having SO much fun doing that with you!

Kristina P. said...

I love Paris Hilton too! I totally tried out to be her new BFF, but they said I had too much class, so I wasn't allowed to do the show.

ktmay said...

i love when people rag on celebs. they stink on ice big time. i am going to try out "for the love" because it;s funny and i have never heard that one before. love your blog. i was snoopin' round and like your humor. funny girls rule.

Gibbons Family said...

Red hair... yes I remember that from our good old college days! You so so funny... I always love reading your blog!

Barbaloot said...

Phannie--you can still do the tag even though your name isn't Buffy:) And also-if you have a blog, your name won't lead me to it. Do you have one?

Camille--I'm makin' apple pie for conference weekend. Maybe you should stop by...

Rychelle-laughed out loud at your Bon Qui Qui comment. Thank you for that!

Kristina--clearly we are now BFF since we both feel the same about Paris:)

Ktmay-glad you liked what you read. Feel free to come back.

Alyson said...

Great lists! You are so funny! But you know, having a guy who can play guitar can backfire. I had a boyfried in college who sang a love song to me while he played his guitar. Man, was I uncomfortable! I didn't know where to look or how to respond. Plus, he sang a country song, which is SO NOT my style!

I married a guy who plays drums. Not one, uncomfortable, serenating moment yet!

Christina said...

Yeah for Madam Mim!!! I watched that a few weeks ago and was wishing you were there! Also, you are impressive with the awesome youtube videos! Find any winners lately? My favorites are either the Swedish music video or Daniel and the Lion's Den!

Annie Valentine said...

RED HAIR. Yes, I went through that phase. Now I'm all for shiny, sexy bald.

Becky said...

"Girl, I will cut you."

Oooh, you're very scary! Do I get apple pie for being intimidated? :)

Emily said...

Many things I didn't know--like why you've never made me an apple pie, when you FORGOT how to flirt, and where that video is of you being Madam Mim. I totally want to watch that now!

Barbaloot said...

FIrst off---I don't think I'm gonna be sending apple pies to any of ya'll. I may be good at making them-but I kind of HATE to and only do it when coerced. Sorry guys-didn't mean to disappoint:)

And Annie-totally hear ya on the bald thing. Hello-Nigel Barker anyone?

Emily--I'm sorry. Do you remember who I am and how you lived with me and I'm a hopeless failure in anything involving boys?

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Okay I ALSO want to do the EVA Cassidy version of Time after similar answer...but not!

I love exclamation points! lol!

This was so funny...especially the celebrity seven because they are all true!

Crazy Mama said...

That remebering dates like nobody's business is really amazing and has always fascinated me. Let's make the parasailing jump together - I think in some twisted way it may increase our odds of making it safely back if there are two Daytons up there at once.

Barbaloot said...

I'm in Trish. I say we see how many Daytons we can drag along. Although...the Dayton men are notorious for being ridiculously chicken when it comes to heights.

Kelly said...

The 7 celebrities you admire was hysterical, thanks for telling it like it your own special way. You are hysterical.