Monday, November 3, 2008

ABC: All About Me

Since, you know, my other posts usually focus on other people....
Sue Q tagged me, so here goes.

A- Attached or Single?
Well-I'm very attached to my new brown boots. Does that count?

B- Best Friend?
Paris Hilton is, like, totally my new BFF. It's SO cool. We spend tons of time talking about important things like which is better: the old NKOTB or the new?
Technically, I'm not, like, supposed to say anything till the season finale, like, keep my secret. K?

C- Cake or Pie?
I may be an amazing pie maker, but I don't like to eat it. I like yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum.

D- Day of Choice?
Weekends are always great. Oh, and Tuesday cuz that's Biggest Loser night.

E- Essential Items?
My 'I Love Primary' pillowcase. It's the best!

F- Favorite Color?
Chartreuse. Okay, I don't really know what color that is...but it's one of my favorite ones in the color song that the German Goose sings. That and Ultramarine.

G- Gummy Bears or Worms?
I choose not to waste calories on gummi-type food.

H- Hometown?
Orem, UT. I lived in Price (the place where you stop on the way to Lake Powell for McDonald's)-but since I don't even know how to find my house down there anymore it doesn't register.

I- Favorite Indulgence?
Usually Reese's mini PB cups. But right now I'm pretty addicted to Jack Links jerky. SO good.

J- January or July?
July for sure. I like the heat.

K- Kids?

L- Life isn't complete without?
Family, laughter, music and re-runs of Saved by the Bell.

M- Marriage date?
How about....09/09/09. That would be cool, right?

N- Number of brothers and sisters?
11 older brothers.
No, I'm not lying.

O- Oranges or Apples?
If it's Pink Lady, then for sure apples. Otherwise, oranges.

P- Phobias and Fears?
Getting abducted in my car. And also, worms. In 8th grade I paid a kid to dissect my worm for me.

Q - Quiet time, what do you like to do?
Read, email, blog, watch TV.... wow, I'm one interesting girl!

R- Reason to smile?
This video. Cracks me up everytime.

S- Season of choice?
I like the beginning and end of summer. Fun activities, perfect weather, pretty scenery, all that stuff.

T- Ticklish?
Kinda. But not the kind where guys grab your sides. That just bugs and makes me want to punch them in the teeth.

U- Unknown fact about me?
I wanna learn how to long-board.

V- Vegetable?
Potatoes, corn and carrots.

W- Worst Habit?
I don't pay very good attention when people introduce themselves to me. So I never remember peoples' names. Ever. It's really bad. One time I was talking to this guy at the bus stop and after a few minutes I was like, "Hey, my name is Barb." To which he replies, "I know. We met last night." Sweet. And also, he didn't tell me his name right then even though I thought it was pretty clear I didn't know it. It was about two more weeks until I learned it.

X-ray or Ultrasound?
Ooh-I want an x-ray of my cankle to see if there's anything fishy going on in there.

Y- Your favorite food?
Steak and chocolate covered strawberries.

Z- Zodiac Sign? Taurus. And you know, everyone says they don't even pay attention to that stuff...but I wonder. I mean, I'll fully admit that I'll read mine every once in awhile. And then I'll cry at night when it doesn't come true. Or laugh. Either one.

The End. All you ever needed to know about me---and a few things extra!


Kristina P. said...

Wait, you won the Paris Hilton BFF show? Were you Onch the man-girl?

Becka Babe said...

I love the Ken Lee video, I laugh so hard whenever I see it.
BTW, who are you tagging?

*MARY* said...

You are the most fascinating blogger I've never met.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Gotta see that "I Love Primary" pillowcase! Awesome!

Barbaloot said...

Kristina-Gross. Onch was SO fake! ew
Becka-how about I tag you? I'm never sure if people want to do them or not---but now I think you should:)
Mary-how nice are you?! Answer: VERY.
Alyson-maybe I'll post a picture sometime:)

Becky said...

Eleven older brothers?! Holy testosterone, Batman!

I'm glad you're still alive to tell the tale...

Erin The Great said...

11 brothers? Are you the only girl? That's awesome and crazy all at the same time!

Rychelle said...

i've added your wedding date to my calendar. i sure hope you were planning to invite me!

and, are any of those brothers single??? wink wink

Anonymous said...

K, it hasn't even been a whole day, but I'm coming out of hiding to say thanks!! This was awesome -- we have such a similar sense of humor. And I'm totally making your wedding dress. I currently don't have any weddings booked for next September, so you're in!!

And I'm not going to make any comment about your over-zealous mother and how she kept having boys after the first one. Where do you fall in the sequence?

Oh, but I am going to comment about the poor, pathetic Bulgarian idol and her misfortune of being taped on a live reality show, humiliating herself and all of her future children. So, sooooo sad.

LisAway said...

That Ken Lee is extremely funny and even more "?".

I always love what you have to say about the rich and famous. Words of wisdom.

And I don't waste calories on gummy things either. That may party be because I don't like anything gummier than a starburst. Plus gummy things are like highly diluted over-gelatinized Jell-o.

Becka Babe said...

I guess I was setting myself up for that.
If I were a Cat, Curiosity would be my downfall.

T said...

Love that Biggest Loser - is it on tonight or not? Stupid Election getting in the way of important things!

Prospects for the 9/9/9 date? That's my sons' tenth birthday - he's a little young for you.

and that Ken Lee video is going to have me giggling to my private little joke multiple times today :)

Hoggards said...

Hey, Bryce makes longboards! Sweet ones too! He's obsessed. I'd have him take you sometime, but he's a little extreme and I wouldn't want you to die!
And I've never seen that Ken Lee video before! You're right...can't help but smile! :)

Machen Family said...

Look at us doing the same tag! go US! Yes you are my best friend..that's no lie

Buffy Dayton said...

Ultramarine? Nice!!! Gosh, too many people know you. I am such a loser. I should probably go on biggest loser, oh wait, that is not what it is about huh? Well, how is the new job? You are cute barbaloots, which by the way, Jack wanted to read the Lorax last night and he was getting a kick out of the other barbalootsuits! FUNNY!!!

Jen R. said...

I LOVE saved by the bell reruns!

Melissa Bastow said...

X-ray or Ultrasound? What kind of question is that? Basically, would you rather take a short dose of radiation or get smeared with slimy junk and have a 'wand' of sorts shove the junk around? Well, really, I guess it depends on what we want to look at, doesn't it.

Oh, and I hate the side grabbing as well. I say go ahead and punch out teeth if it ever happens.

Hayley said...

I think therese a large possibility that you are my clone. Or I am yours.

Except the 11 brothers. And the chocolate covered strawberries. And I'm Aries.

But pretty close.

Rychelle said...

please hook me up with that link!


Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Hey, I ♥ your blog! Thanks for sharing! Have an awesome weekend!