Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Santa-

I've been tryin' real hard all year to be a good girl. Honestly. Below you will find my wishes for this Christmas season.

1. A penguin. I'll name him Peter.
2. More opportunities to use the words pedantic and pretentious. Maybe even simultaneously. 
3. No more split ends. Ever.
4. To not feel guilty about how much I love reality TV.
5. Patience for people that drive me crazy. 
6. My own private airplane complete with pilot to take me home whenever I wanted.
7. For my friend, Emily, to re-learn how to use the phone and/or email so I know that she hasn't really dropped off the face of the earth. (Probly from Velveeta poisoning.)
8. To get over my phobia of technology so I can fully appreciate my new computer. 

Barbaloot Suit 


bd93 said...

I meant to do a link to this post to "my friend Emily." Go to

A. & E. Kunz said...

Turd. That was below the belt. Just for that, consider yourself judged for sitting on the pink, velor couch watching the Real World, Biggest Loser, and Laguna Beach until all hours of the day and night. Furthermore, we never owned the same sneaks. Mine made my feet look big so I took them back, 'member? You've already forgotten about our beautiful wedding dress wearing, dipping pomagranate seeds in chocolate, sending memos to bedroom next door, She's the Man watching relationship? Fine. My favorite isn't gouda anymore. It's Velveeta!

A. & E. Kunz said...

On a lighter note, please readers, visit my blog!

A. & E. Kunz said...

YDTM? I'm making it my own. I just got your message! I've been rotting in the library because don't you remember a little thing called finals week? Don't make any rash assumptions, just know that when this week is over, you'll be hearing from me....