Saturday, December 1, 2007

Ich Liebe Germany!

Before, if you'd asked me why I love Germany, I would have given some trite response like the language is fantastic, or the country is beautiful. Well, now I can tell you that I love it because of drunken accordian players and sticky waffles.
Seriously folks, drunken entertainment, Bavarian music and good food. Who could ask for anything more?
I suppose it would have helped if there had been a chubby Germany boy dancing along...oh wait, there WAS definitely a chubby German boy dancing along. In leiderhosen no less. The video is forthcoming...


A. & E. Kunz said...

Did you post on my blog under some weird Dayton name? Don't do that to me. I thought I had a stalker. Oh, and just so you know, that quote was by Shakespeare before it was by hottie pottoie with a naughty body. My favorite's gouda.

Nicoletta said...

I can't wait to see this extraordinary performance for myself!