Saturday, December 22, 2007

For Shame!

I am so disappointed with my favorite candy companies this season! The Christmas candy which I look forward to most all season is no more. Mars and Hershey's have disappointed me greatly on 3 accounts.

1. Mint m&m's. First and foremost, these candies, which usually seem so prevalent during the Christmas season were impossibily hard to find! When I finally did, I went home rejoicing only to find that they'd be changed! They weren't my regular sized m&m's, but bigger. This in turn, resulted in too much mint flavor; rather like a Dutch Mint. Now, I think Dutch Mints are good enough, but if I want some I'll go buy them. I don't want them disguised in the form of my favorite m&m product.

2. Hershey's Mint Kisses. These are some of the best candies Hershey's has ever produced and imagine my disappointment when they were nowhere to be found come early December. I've continued my search for them throughout the season, but to no avail. I did, however, find a petition online to sign in favor of bringing them back (I don't know why they left). I signed it.

3. I am sad to say, it is again Hershey's who has commited the offense. It really is sad to me as I am one of Hershey's biggest fans and I am confused by how callously they have treated me. This time, it's the Cookies n' Mint Nuggets that I am missing. I remember when this product originally came out it was not a seasonal item. However, I quickly realized it wasn't as prevalent as I would wish, but only came around at Christmastime. That's okay, I thought. What better way to celebrate my favorite season than with one of my favorite candies? Well-time for my disappointment to triple as these were also missing. I even checked online, and they're listed as "out of stock!" If you know you have a popular candy, wouldn't you try to please the masses by having enough?

Fortunately, through all this trial, I have found one saving grace. It was surprising to me as it came in the form of a brand I tend to hold in disdain as its efforts to satisfy me usually fall far short of my not-so-sophisticated taste. Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark. Seriously folks, this stuff is fantastic! As you'll see from the packaging, it's a limited edition so I suggest you head out to buy some quickly. You will not be dissapointed.
And finally, as I re-read this post before permanently placing it on my blog, I'm slightly embarrassed at the passion I hold for this subject. But only slightly.


Page said...

I agree with the praising of Peppermint Bark. It is absolutely delicious.

Nicoletta said...

Yummy post. Now I'm hungry.

Christina said...

Barbara, you should be a columnist! I love reading your postings, and I find a lot of sense in the things you point out. Yet they are super amusing as well. The only candy I can actually lament are the Hershey mint nuggets. THOSE were good! The others - I am sorry for you - but I never loved them.

Hollywood said...

Your passion on the subject is well warranted. I have to agree that the mint/chocolate combination is one that you shouldn't use to play with people's emotions, especially during Christmastime. (By the way, the music on your site is GREAT! I usually turn it off the second I hear anything but I'll be stinking around here to hear what else you have.)

So have you ever tried the mint oreos? That's our all time favorite mint/chocolate combination. They do charge a TON for the little suckers but nothing else ends a marital argument faster than feeding each other the creamy, minty chocolaty goodness. But then again, you seem to be a mint purist and maybe Oreos are below you - just thought I'd throw out the suggestion.

And Christina is totally right - your writing style is captivating!

Rosie said...

I'm with you Barbara... Hershey's could be making so much money off me if they would keep their mint yummies year-round (and if I wasn't going to go on South Beach Diet next week...). I was DEVASTATED when they discontinued the cookies and mint candy bar for cookies and cream (YUCK!!!). What is the world coming to? For year-long chocolately mint pleasures, I highly suggest Ghirardelli Chocolate Mint squares (if you like dark chocolate), Lindt mint chocolate truffles (I find them by the check out at the grocery store) and the Mint Truffle kisses aren't bad either. Happy minty-chocolatey hunting!

Tiffany said...

I'm with you Barb. Those candies were my fav as well. and you know what other Christmas candy got botched this year?! Lifesaver books. First off, they weren't even a book you could open anymore. Then, there were only 6 rolls of lifesavers instead of 8. and to top it off, all the rolls were the assorted kind. No more berry, no more tropical, rum butter, wild cherry etc. Nope. Gone. I was totally ticked. But if you noticed, there were tons of lifesavers books in stores this year. Normally you have to buy them early because they sell out, but not this year. Suckers. Serves them right. anyway... :)