Monday, May 19, 2008

Do NOT Take Me Out To the Ballgame!!!

I don't want peanuts or cracker jacks (well, maybe I want some cracker jacks) and I sure as heck do care if I never get back!!

Seriously, baseball has got to be the worst sport ever. It's so boring!! And to add insult to injury-it's LONG!! Nine innings?? Nine? Why I agreed to go to a date that I knew involved baseball is beyond me. I think it had something to do with the whole, be-open-to-opportunities-and-be-social-and-let-that-one-guy-see-that-you-have-other-options leaf that I'm trying to turn over.

Now, some people say that hockey is a worse sport than baseball. However, since I'm not Canadian, Michigonian or white-trash, hockey doesn't actually register in my mind as an actual sport.

Despite my lack of fondness towards baseball, I will say that I think 'Sandlot' is the universal best movie. I mean, everyone can enjoy it: boys, girls, adults, kids etc. It's got something for everyone. Plus, Yeah-Yeah is hot. Right? My brother and I were talking one time about how everyone can enjoy this movie, and he said that he doesn't think cats can. Well, to this I say that cats don't have souls so I'm not certain they enjoy anything. They don't count. Just like hockey doesn't count.

And speaking of baseball, one of my co-workers told me our new co-worker is dating a guy that plays football for the San Francisco Giants. I politely informed her that the SF Giants don't typically employ football players and I was curious as to how that was working out. I just think that was kinda funny and wanted to share.


Matt said...

I think the Giants could benefit from some football players.

And amen to baseball being boring. I think baseball is best (if ever) observed as scores typed up in a table.

Hoggards said...

I'm way proud of you for knowing there is no such thing as football players on the SF Giants team! :)
Also, I have to disagree with hockey not even being a sport! Lately I have been WAY into it. The Pitt. Penguins are going to the Stanley Cup Finals! They are going all the way! It's way intense! And baseball is much much better played than watched.

Nicoletta said...

I say way to go on the turning over a new leaf. You'll will be blessed for your efforts!!! Next time it might be hockey. Then the next one might be basketball. Pretty soon you'll work your way up to a guy who will actually take you to a soccer game. Was the date as bad as the baseball game?

Shelley said...

I respectfully disagree (this is coming from a softball player)....GO CUBBIES!!

I love the giants crack me up!

Stacey said...

in response to your just type in "Barbara needs" in a Google search. Then you just read the random things it pulls up!

And I loved your comment about the SF Giants and football players :)

Tiffany said...

that Giants comment was awesome. and if you got taken to a D-Backs game and you didn't enjoy it then we are no longer friends! MLB games, when you are actually there, are totally awesome!! But they leave something to be desired when you're just watching on TV. But was a company good? and are you moving home yet?