Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Things To Avoid

-Svengalis: A person who, with evil intent, tries to persuade another to do what is desired.
-Harridans: A woman regarded as scolding and vicious.

On a related note, these are the new words which I will use to refer to my enemies.
Unfortunately (I suppose some might say fortunately), I cannot currently think of any enemies -which makes future use of said words questionable.


Matt said...

Barb! Long time (still) no see...

If you need an enemy to insult, I can stand in while you find a real good one.

Thanks for finding my blog so that I could find yours!

e. said...

I can think of a few enemies in your life as of late....and no, I don't mean me though I just saw you read this post and tag me as a harridan. Jerk.

Hoggards said...

Where did you learn of these words? I love that you have such a huge vocab!

Nicoletta said...

Too cool! Love those words. If it will help, I will be your enemy anytime you have a desire to use them.